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Visiting Scholar Programme

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 Level One Border Closures in Aotearoa/New Zealand, the School of Psychology Visiting Scholars Programme is not currently available for overseas visitors.  We look forward to our programme being available again when our borders are freely open.

The Visiting Scholar Programme supports visits to the School of Psychology by distinguished scholars.

The main objectives of the Visiting Scholar Programme are:

  • To support visits by distinguished scholars, researchers and other persons who are widely recognised, who have achieved distinction in their field, or whose presence in the School of Psychology is likely to have a significant impact;
  • To contribute to research in the School of Psychology by collaboration between Visiting Scholars and members of academic staff;
  • To facilitate international academic communication and co-operation by supporting the stay in New
    Zealand of outstanding scholars in psychology;
  • To provide the School of Psychology with an academic stimulus through a seminar series offered by the Visiting Scholar as well as by other means of interaction;
  • To create for the Scholar an opportunity to engage in research in a suitable environment, away from the pressures of current employment.

The Visiting Scholar program is not intended for guest speakers and researchers intending only a short stay. Other funds are available through Massey University to support such visits. Information about these funds can be found on the Massey University Procedures website ( under the heading of Procedures - Research - Academic and Distinguished Visitors to Massey University.


The School normally appoints one Visiting Scholar annually. The average period of a visit is usually 6-12 weeks.

Visiting Scholar activities

Visiting Scholars are invited to contribute to research activities and academic information exchange in the School and are welcome to contribute some teaching in their areas of expertise.

A Visiting Scholar is expected to present at least one academic seminar on specialist topic(s) of current interest to the Scholar. These seminars are presented to staff and graduate students of the school, but are widely advertised on campus and open to the general academic and professional community.

During the period of the visit, the Scholar should undertake research and explore opportunities for ongoing collaborative research with members of the School of Psychology.


The Visiting Scholar would usually be based at one of the School campuses, at Auckland (Albany campus), Palmerston North (Turitea campus) or Wellington. However, a Visiting Scholar may contribute to activities at one or more of the other campuses beside that at which he or she is based.

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The host will be responsible for:

  • Assisting the prospective Visiting Scholar to prepare the application, especially with regard to specifying the aims and objectives of the visit;
  • Keeping the applicant informed about progress on the application and arrangements for the visit;
  • Meeting the Visiting Scholar on arrival;
  • Assisting the Visiting Scholar to find accommodation;
  • Liaising with other campuses regarding visits and seminars by the Scholar;
  • Collaborating with the Visiting Scholar on research;
  • At the conclusion of the visit, submitting jointly with the Visiting Scholar a report (1-2 pages) outlining the outcomes of the visit. The report should be related to the aims specified for the visit, and is to include the titles, dates and locations of talks, seminars and presentations by the Visiting Scholar, an outline of the research objectives accomplished during the visit, titles and anticipated publication details of research papers, and details of any grants that may result from the visit.
  • Ensuring that any coauthored research outputs are made available on the Massey University research repository.
  • Liaising with External Relations to appropriately publicise the visit.


Applications for a Visiting Scholarship should be received by the end of July for a visit in the following year. Processing of applications begins immediately after July 31st. The School of Psychology will be reasonably flexible in setting the time periods of the stay of Visiting Scholars.

Applications must contain

  • A statement of support for the visit by a staff member of the School of Psychology who is prepared to act as host to the Visiting Scholar during their stay;
  • a specific proposal setting out the aims of the visit. This proposal should be developed in collaboration with the host. The proposal should set out the nature of the collaborative work to be undertaken during the visit, the topics of the seminars to be offered by the Scholar; the plan of activities to be undertaken during the visit, and the outputs that are expected from the visit;
  • an indication of how areas of contribution will fit in with the aims of the Visiting Scholar programme and/or the research activities of the School;
  • the beginning and ending dates of the visit as predicted at the time of submitting the application;
  • a curriculum vitae;

Massey University is an equal opportunity employer.


Funding for the Visiting Scholar position includes the cost of travel for the Scholar to and from New Zealand, and a contribution towards the costs of accommodation and travel within New Zealand to visit other Massey campuses for the purposes of the scholarship.

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Further information

Further details about the scholarship, its current funding, or the School of Psychology are available from:

The Head of School
School of Psychology
Massey University
Private Bag 11222
Palmerston North 4442
New Zealand
Tel: (64) 6 3569-099 Ext 85058
Facsimile: (+64) 6 350 5673
Time Zone: GMT + 12:00

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