Admission regulations

Find out about the admission regulations.

1. Every applicant must complete enrolment requirements which include submission of an Admission Application, written acceptance of an Offer of Place in a qualification [unless waived in writing by the University], submission of an Enrolment Application and acceptance of an Offer of Enrolment. Applicants returning to enrol in the same qualification submit an Enrolment Application and accept an Offer of Enrolment each academic year.

2. Admission Applications normally proceed directly to an Offer of Place in a qualification unless withdrawn by the applicants in writing or unless the approvals required from the University are not obtained.

3. Admission may be granted conditionally in the case of students who have not yet met the requirements for entry to University or to a specific qualification. At the appropriate time prior to the commencement of an enrolment period the University initiates offers of places in programmes in response to Admission Applications.

4. Applicants who intend to enrol for tuition in an imminent enrolment period in a qualification they have not enrolled in before should submit an Admission Application and accept an Offer of Place in a qualification if granted.

5. The final dates by which Applications must be made are specified in the Enrolment Regulations.

6. Admission to Massey University does not constitute entitlement to be enrolled for tuition in any particular qualification or enrolment period.

7. Massey University may operate a preferential score admission scheme for admission to undergraduate qualifications. Applicants to undergraduate qualifications will be assessed and eligible applicants will be offered a place in a qualification.