Recognition of formal and informal prior learning

Read our regulations for recognition of formal and informal prior learning.

Types of Massey University Credit That May Be Awarded

32. Recognition of prior formal and informal learning may be awarded as credit to a programme of study or awarded as credit to or from a micro-credential.

33 Recognition of prior formal and informal learning may also be used to grant entry into a programme of study at either pre-degree, undergraduate or postgraduate level, see Admission Regulations and the regulations for the qualification involved.

Formal Prior Learning

34. Any credit awarded under these regulations will be calculated based on the prior learning as a proportion of the full-time workload of study at the institution from which prior learning was achieved.

35. Any credit awarded under these regulations is to be at the same or lower level as was undertaken by the student at the institution from which prior learning was achieved.

36. Formal prior learning includes completed courses that are standalone, or part of a finalised or incomplete qualification at Massey University or elsewhere.

37. Where a student is completing programmes of study for two qualifications at the same time whether at Massey or with a partner institution, they may be permitted to credit one or more courses to both qualifications.

38. Students shall not credit multiple courses, either completed at Massey University or elsewhere, with substantially the same content to the same qualification.

Informal Prior Learning

39. Informal learning acknowledges relevant knowledge, skills and other attributes obtained through any and all training, work experience and life experiences.

Awarding Credit

40. A key consideration in determining whether learning outcomes or the graduate profile have been met, is confidence that the prior learning provides an adequate foundation for the continued success of the student in their chosen course of study at Massey.

41. Credit will be awarded at an appropriate level for qualifying formal or informal prior learning. Credit may be:

(a) For a specified Massey University course, identified by course number.

(b) In a specified subject at a specified level, but not specifying a course number.

(c) Specified by level, but not by subject (elective credits).

(d) No credit is to be awarded for a portion of a Massey University course.

(e) All credit will be awarded with an Ungraded Pass, P

42. For formal prior learning:

(a) credit can be awarded from a completed qualification (formerly referred to as Cross-Credit) or an incomplete qualification (formerly referred to as Transfer of Credit) and the regulations apply equally to each form of credit.

(b) credit that has been awarded to a student toward a particular qualification may be transferred to a new qualification on the request of the student, providing the credit fits the regulations of the new qualification and taking account of the minimum requirements outlined in Regulation 48.

43. Credit will be awarded upon consideration of the prior learning meeting:

(a) the learning outcomes of a particular course or courses, or

(b) the qualification graduate profile, or

(c) both as will maximise the opportunity for the student to receive credit or entry.

44. An award of credit for formal prior learning does not require the surrender of any prior qualification.

45. Conferred qualifications may not be exchanged for qualifications introduced subsequently unless further credits are completed toward the new qualification in line with the minimum credits to be completed requirements.

46. Applications for credit for informal learning will be assessed using an appropriate method or methods; examples may include, but are not limited to:

(a) assessment of a portfolio; or

(b) use of a challenge examination; or

(c) quality assured micro-credential assessments; or

(d) quality assured short course assessments; or

(e) a combination of methods.

47. The process for awarding recognition of prior learning credits is an evaluative process based on academic judgement. Evaluations will consider both the relevance of the prior learning and the suitability of the potential matches into the ‘receiving’ course and qualifications. Credit may not always be awarded including, but not limited to, the following circumstances:

• core knowledge or skills will be omitted from the qualification,

• related professional body accreditations will be undermined,

• course material is timebound and the proposed match is too out-dated,

• evidence provided is insufficient or incomplete,

• the proposed arrangement will result in the student not having contributed substantial unique academic effort to the new qualification

Minimum Credits to be Completed Through Massey University

48. Unless otherwise stated in the Regulations for a particular qualification or an approved dual award arrangement, and subject to Regulations 40 to 47, a student will usually be required to complete as a proportion of new credits at least the following through Massey University to be awarded a Massey University qualification:

(a) For a 360-credit undergraduate degree, at least 105 credits., including

(i) At least 60 300-level credits in the degree, including all the 300-level credits required for a major subject(s).

(ii) Where a minor subject(s) is required or permitted within the degree, at least 30 credits in the minor subject including at least 15 300-level credits, unless otherwise specified in the degree regulations.

(b) For a 480-credit undergraduate degree, 120 credits, including at least three-quarters of the highest-level courses.

(c) For a postgraduate or graduate qualification, half of the credits required, including all the highest level credits (and all the research credits where applicable) for a postgraduate qualification.

(i) Students who have completed a 120-credit postgraduate diploma or a 120-credit bachelor honours degree at Massey University may be permitted to credit the full 120 credits toward a 180-credit masters. In this case, students must complete all the research or professional practice credits required for the Masters.

(d) For a sub-degree or degree-level diploma or certificate, half of the credits required.

49. A student who earned transfer credit to an undergraduate degree while on an official approved Massey University Student Exchange programme shall be required to complete at least the following through Massey University to be awarded a Massey University qualification.

(a) For a 360-credit undergraduate degree, normally 105 credits including 30 300-level credits, which must be part of the majoring requirements unless a major is not required by the degree Regulations.

(b) For a 480-credit or 600-credit undergraduate degree, normally 120 credits including at least 60 credits from the fourth year of the degree.

Transitional Provisions

50. Any credit previously awarded and applied under previous regulations, will continue to be recognised.