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The University and the Student form a contractual relationship when the Student accepts an Offer of Enrolment. That Contract is subject to the University, issuing a Confirmation of Enrolment once all requirements have been satisfied. If no Confirmation of Enrolment is issued then the Contract is at an end. If the University issues a Confirmation of Enrolment, the following are the terms of that Contract which the University and the Student accept are to govern their relationship, along with statute, and with the Regulations and Rules of the University.

The University will:

1. Use best endeavours to provide the Student with tuition and supervision of a professional standard in the course(s) in which the Student is enrolled.

2. Act reasonably and fairly in exercising its powers under the regulatory framework and this Contract.

3. Advise the Student of any changes in the course(s) required because of changes in funding, staffing or other reasonable cause.

The Student will:

4. Use best endeavours to fulfil the requirements prescribed by the University for the course(s).

5. Observe the Regulations and Rules of the University and accept the jurisdiction of the University in all matters connected with academic progress and with discipline.

6. Pay the fees prescribed by the University for the course(s).

The University and the Student also agree:

7. The Contract is formed when the Student accepts the Offer of Enrolment. That Contract is subject to the University issuing a Confirmation of Enrolment. If a Confirmation of Enrolment is issued these are the terms of the Contract that apply.

8. The Contract will continue for the period for which the Student is enrolled by the University and will then end. However, clause 12 will continue to apply after the Contract ends.

9. The University and the Student may enter into further contracts, in subsequent periods, by repeating the process in clause 7.

10. The relevant Admission Application, Enrolment Application, Offer of Place in a qualification, Offer of Enrolment, Confirmation of Enrolment, regulations, codes, policies, rules of the University and material published in the Calendar also form part of this Contract but nothing else shall be incorporated into the contractual relationship between the Student and the University.

11. Liability for failure to perform this Contract is excluded where that failure has been caused by circumstances beyond the control of the University or the Student.

12. Any dispute arising out of or in connection with this Contract, or otherwise relating to the performance by the University or its staff of their responsibilities to the Student, shall be resolved through the Grievance Procedures prescribed by the University Calendar, which shall be the exclusive procedures for resolution of such a dispute.