University fee regulations

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Fees Payment Regulations

90. Tuition fees and non-tuition fees are subject to annual adjustment by the University Council and the student agrees to pay the tuition fees and non-tuition fees as set each year. Tuition and non-tuition fees are calculated on an academic year basis not by enrolment period. Where a student’s study spans two academic years, eg student enrols for Semester Two and later enrols for Semester One of the following academic year, the student will be liable for the tuition and non-tuition fees as set for each academic year.

91. All University fees are payable upon the University issuing a Confirmation of Enrolment and before the start of study, or earlier if required by the University and specified in an Offer of Place and/or Enrolment. Each student’s fee account will remain in credit for any amount tendered in payment for University fees until their programme has received academic approval.

92. Unless otherwise advised in writing by the University, students must pay all University fees to the University directly and not to any recruitment agent or other party. For international transactions there may be a bank fee charged which is payable by the student.

93. Students who enrol at the same time for courses in more than one enrolment period (for example, Semester One and Semester Two) may, at the time of their Enrolment Application in the first period, elect to defer payment of tuition fees for the later period (for example Semester Two).

94. For students who are paying all or part of their fees through the StudyLink Student Loans Scheme, University fees inclusive of tuition fees and non-tuition fees will be requested on approval of their loan application. When student loans are declined in full or in part students are still responsible for any outstanding fees.

95. For students who are paying all or part of their fees through TEC Fees Free Scheme, payment of University fees inclusive of tuition fees and non-tuition fees for the full year will be requested from the TEC on approval of their fees free eligibility. If a student is ineligible for Fees Free or has consumed their entitlement, they are responsible for any outstanding fees.

96. Enrolment may proceed in advance of receipt of fee payment in circumstances that:

(a) the fees due are to be paid from a student loan but if a student loan is not approved in full or in part the student remains responsible for any outstanding fees;

(b) the fees due are to be paid from the TEC Fees Free scheme but if the student is ineligible or has consumed their entitlement, the student remains responsible for any outstanding fees

(c) the fees due are to be paid on behalf of the student by a sponsor. A sponsor is normally an employer or a training body, a government agency or a trust or Iwi authority. When the University fees are not paid by the specified due date on behalf of the student, the student remains responsible for any outstanding fees; or

97. Application to add courses after the original Enrolment Application has been lodged must be accompanied by the additional tuition fees estimated or determined to be due. If the student has accepted an Offer of Enrolment and then wants to add courses or substitute courses, if the University agrees then a new Offer of Enrolment is generated and must be accepted and a Confirmation of Enrolment issued.

98. Students who withdraw from a particular course or all or part of their programme after the final withdrawal date for a tuition fee credit, shall remain liable for the fees associated with the withdrawn course(s).

99. Delivery of any services or teaching material does not, in itself, constitute an undertaking by the University that a student’s enrolment for tuition will be continued if fee payment is not completed. The University may, at the University’s option, cancel the student’s enrolment if any of the University fees are not received. If cancellation occurs after the final withdrawal date for a credit then all University fees are payable.

100. Invoices will be issued to all students on confirmation of enrolment and when changes are made to enrolment . A Statement of Account will be available to all students which will present the current status of an account. When any fees are 60 days or more overdue the University may, at the University’s option cancel or suspend the enrolment of the student. Suspension means that students:

(a) no longer have access to certain University facilities;

(b) will not receive grades for courses;

(c) will not have access to their academic records; and

(d) may not re-enrol at Massey University until the fees due have been paid in full.

Cancellation means the person concerned is no longer a student at Massey University and has no right to engage in any courses and no privileges afforded to students. Even when enrolment is cancelled or suspended, all fees owing to the University must be paid.

101. A credit of tuition fees shall be made to students who withdraw in the manner required from their course(s) before 17 percent of the study period has elapsed as defined by the course start and end dates (see Enrolment Regulations).

• Commission paid by Massey University to agents for international students will also be deducted from any refund in respect of the courses withdrawn from. Note that Doctoral students are subject to different fee refund provisions.

• International students who withdraw from all of their study at Massey University within the time and in the manner required to obtain a tuition fee credit may be required to pay an International Administration Fee.

• International students studying in New Zealand must have attained permanent residence in New Zealand or Australia before the course has started to be eligible for domestic tuition fees. Students must present evidence prior to the end of the relevant enrolment period for Semester One and Two enrolments, or prior to the close of business in December for those students enrolled in Summer School.

• Refunds due for overpayment of fees or in the event of withdrawal with a credit of tuition fees are made as soon as possible once enrolments and financial support provisions have been established for a particular study period. In any case, where a specific request is made for a refund that has been approved, such refund will be made within 28 days. If the refund cannot be made a written statement shall be provided to the student as to why the refund cannot be made, together with a date by which the refund shall be made.

• Withdrawal by the University: if the University withdraws a student from a course after 17 percent of the study period, the student is eligible for a credit. If they have paid fees, they will be refunded.

102. Massey University accepts no liability to pay interest or other consideration in respect of monies held in full or part payment of University fees and is not liable to the student or anyone else for exchange rate movement, conversion charges, bank fees, or fees paid to recruitment or immigration agents. This also includes charges incurred by students through StudyLink.

103. Partial refunds are normally made directly to the student who is enrolled. Any sponsored student to whom a partial refund is made shall be responsible for reimbursing any other party (such as a sponsor or government agency) who has paid fees on their behalf. However, where practicable, partial refunds will be made direct to the government agency responsible for any fees paid where the University is party to such an agreement.

When international students withdraw from their programme of study at Massey University, in the manner required, before 17 percent of the study period has elapsed, and cannot provide evidence of a long-term visa to remain in New Zealand, partial refunds will be made to a bank account in the student’s home country, as nominated by the student. Where students withdraw from Massey University and enrol at another institution in New Zealand, partial refunds will be made directly to the relevant institution.

In the case of students who are deceased, partial refunds, where applicable, are made to the estate of the person concerned, care of the next of kin as notified to the University.

104. Where students are enrolled principally because of an agreement between Massey University and another entity the payment and refund of fees will be governed by that other agreement.

PhD Doctoral Students


(a) Fees for PhD candidates are due on initial enrolment pro-rated to the end of the academic year in which they are commencing (i.e. based on EFTS consumption), with fees invoiced at the beginning of each academic year for subsequent years. Fees for any period of suspension will be adjusted at the time of application for suspension and a credit will be provided in the year of the suspension period. Fees for periods of extension will be calculated at the time of application for extension.

(b) Candidates will be charged in line with their EFTS consumption pro-rated for the calendar year. Full-time candidates will be charged for one EFT per full year. Part-time candidates will be charged at the applicable rate (currently 0.6666) each academic year.

(c) Candidates undertaking Named Doctorate programmes are required to pay their course work, practicum, internship, tuition and thesis fees as required by each programme.

(d) Candidates who have had their oral examination and are required to complete further work on their thesis and be re-examined, will be re-enrolled, and must pay the full tuition fee for the duration of the re-examination period until re-submission of the thesis. This provision will apply from the date the candidate is notified of the required further work.

Postgraduate Students


(a) Masters students pay tuition fees for the actual credits/courses for which they are enrolled each year. Fees do not maximise at 1.0 EFTS (120 credits).

(b) When theses, dissertations, research reports, or project courses are not submitted by the end date of the course, the student must re-enrol for a further enrolment period of one semester or one year (as appropriate) and pay tuition fees.

(c) A one-month extension may be granted without penalty or cost.

(d) If a student qualifies for Carry Forward of Postgraduate Enrolment, they will be re-enrolled but are not required to pay fees.

(e) These regulations do not apply to Doctoral students.

Students’ Association Fee Regulations

107. Students may elect to join a Student Association. Annual subscriptions, if any, can be paid directly to the Student Association at any time during the academic year (unless otherwise advised).

Halls of Residence Fees Regulations

108. Accommodation fees for each semester shall be paid as scheduled.

109. Any resident whose accommodation fees are not paid by the due date may be debarred from residence unless special arrangements have been made with the Accommodation Team.

110. Any resident intending to withdraw from study will be required to withdraw from University accommodation. Application forms for release from University student accommodation are available from the Accommodation Team.