Certificate of Proficiency regulations

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81. An applicant who intends to register for tuition without fulfilling the requirements of a full programme leading to a Massey University qualification must first meet the Admission Regulations, after which they may be permitted to enrol for no more than 60 credits per year on a Certificate of Proficiency , unless applicants are International students attending the University under a Study Abroad or Student Exchange agreement in which case a higher workload may be required.

82. The programmes of study under a Certificate of Proficiency must not be substantially similar to an existing qualification on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework, or have outcomes which are more suited to being listed as an existing qualification on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework.

83. Except as permitted by the Enrolment of School Students regulation, applicants are required to satisfy Regulation 8 of the Matriculation Regulations.

84. Applicants for a Certificate of Proficiency shall pay fees, complete compulsory requirements and give notice of their intention to enter for examinations, where appropriate, as if they were proceeding to a degree, diploma or certificate. The Enrolment and Examination Regulations shall apply to such candidates.

85. Where required under the COVID-19 Public Health Response (Vaccinations) Order 2021, or by any additional Government orders or Massey University Council requirements, admission to specified programmes of study within Massey University, and continued enrolment and progression in those programmes, requires evidence of full and current COVID-19 vaccination status. This requirement will be applied to any and all programmes in accordance with Government orders or Massey University mandates.

Approval of Course

86. The personal course of study of every applicant for a Certificate of Proficiency shall require the approval of the Academic Board or delegate. Normally approval is exercised as part of the enrolment process.

Status of Certificate of Proficiency Pass

87. A student who has passed a course for a Certificate of Proficiency may at a later date have the course credited towards a degree, diploma or certificate provided that the necessary conditions for the course as a part of the degree, diploma or certificate were fulfilled at the time when the course was passed for a Certificate of Proficiency.

Aligned Resource Management

88. In keeping with principles of sound management, Massey University wishes to ensure that it can adequately resource the programmes of study it offers. Accordingly, the University reserves the right under Section 255 (4) (a) of the Education and Training Act 2020 to control the number of enrolments it will accept in any programme.

89. The number of places to be funded in any programme and the criteria for student selection will be available on application from Student Administration prior to each enrolment period. Every endeavour will be made to meet the academic needs of students where this does not prejudice the proper presentation or the academic standing of a programme.