Use of information

View the library regulations regarding use of information.

Library Regulations

27. The University Library is provided for the purpose of study and research by the University’s students and staff and is a shared resource for the Massey community. Every authorised user of the Library has both a right to use the Library without undue disturbance or distraction and a concomitant duty to respect the rights of others. Not all services are available to all categories of users. The Library subscribes to electronic resources whose licences stipulate how and by whom they may be used. If a licence is violated by anyone inside or outside the University, there may be serious consequences for the University, including suspension of all University access to the resource by the Publisher.

Note: ‘University Librarian’ or delegate means the person performing the duties of the University Librarian. ‘Library’ means any room used primarily for the purposes of the University Library. ‘Library material’ means any item, whether print, electronic or other format, provided by the Library for information, study or research.

Authorised Users – the Library’s Physical Collections

28. The following persons shall be entitled to use the Library and the Library’s print resources:

(a) academic, adjunct, and professional staff of the University;

(b) honorary and approved visiting academic staff

(c) currently enrolled students at the University;

(d) members of University Council and University Ethics Committees;

(e) prospective Masters and PhD students (for a limited period)

(f) members of institutions that have a reciprocal agreement with Massey University Library, including Palmerston North-based scientific and technical staff of the Fonterra Research Centre, the local divisions of the Crown Research Institutes, and the Leather and Shoe Research Association; staff and students of ULANZ (University Libraries of Australia and New Zealand);

(g) retired members of staff;

(h) external members, including Alumni, (fees may apply)

(i) other persons at the discretion of the University Librarian.

Authorised Users – the Library’s Licenced Electronic Resources

29 The following persons shall be entitled to use the Library’s electronic resources, for the purpose of Massey University related study and research only:

(a) academic, adjunct, and professional staff of the University (as named in the University Calendar);

(b) honorary and approved visiting academic staff

(c) currently enrolled students at the University

(d) approved prospective Masters and PhD students (for a limited period)

(e) community members of the University Council and University Ethics Committees;

(f) Alumni (only for specified resources)

Hours of Opening

30 Hours of opening shall be posted at each Library and on the Library website. The hours may be varied at the discretion of the University Librarian.

Library Cards

31. All authorised users shall carry a current library card and produce it upon request. For most staff and students the library card is the University ID card.


32. No library material shall be removed from the Library without the loan first being properly recorded.

Library material shall be returned by the due date. The person in whose name material is borrowed is responsible for its safekeeping for the duration of the loan and for its return.

Loan Periods

33. Notices advising loan periods are displayed on the Library website. Library material on loan may be subject to recall at any time, including study breaks and summer vacation. Recalled material must be returned by the notified date. Failure to do so will incur a fine.

34. Loans may be renewed up to four times, provided that the items are not required by another user. After four renewals they must be returned for re-issue.

Lost or Damaged Material

35. Loss of, or damage to, library material shall be reported immediately to the Library. Borrowers shall be required to pay such costs as may be determined by the University Librarian for lost or damaged material, together with the prescribed administration fee. These costs shall not exceed the reasonable cost of restoring an equivalent item to the collection.

Such material remains the property of the University, notwithstanding payment of the bill for its replacement, and must, if found, be returned. A refund in whole or part will be made (depending upon the condition of the items), but the associated administration fee may be retained. No refunds will be made if more than a year has elapsed since the original payment.

Fines and Sanctions

36. Borrowers who fail to return or renew any borrowed material may be liable to a fine unless they satisfy the University Librarian that circumstances have prevented them from returning the material at the appropriate time.

The University Librarian is under no obligation to notify borrowers when material is overdue and fines may still be imposed when material is returned after the due date, even though no notice has been received by the borrower.

37. Fines shall be payable for each day or period (or part thereof) that the material is overdue until it has been returned to the Library. Notices advising fines charges are displayed on the Library website.

38. Where library material is not returned or a charge levied remains unpaid, borrowing privileges may be withheld.

Conduct of Persons Using the Library

39. No person shall create any unnecessary noise or disturbance or behave in a disruptive, disorderly or improper manner in the Library.

40. No person shall deliberately or carelessly mutilate, deface or misplace any library material or equipment.

41. Consumption of food and drink is permitted provided drinks are in spill-proof containers, and food does not interfere with the cleanliness of the building or the study environment of Library users. Mobile phones, laptops and other devices should not be used in the Library in a manner which may disturb others.

42. No person shall distribute or post any notices except on public noticeboards in the Library, except with the prior authorisation of the University Librarian.

43. All persons shall, when so requested by the Library staff, present their bags and personal belongings for inspection.

44. All persons who use the Library shall identify themselves on request to a member of the Library staff.

45. No person shall reserve a place by leaving books or other articles on desks or seats for longer than 30 minutes. Material so left may be removed.

46. In the case of any person using the Library who behaves in a disorderly or improper manner or otherwise in breach of these Regulations, the University Librarian may require that person to withdraw from the Library.

Use of Subscribed Electronic Resources (e-journals, e-books and article databases)

47. Access to Library-licenced electronic resources is limited to currently-enrolled students and current members of Massey University staff or as otherwise stated in clause 29 or in the resource-specific permissions and restrictions available to view via the Library Catalogue.

48. Publishers, Massey University Library, and ITS staff can monitor the use of all Massey staff and students. If licences are breached by anyone inside or outside the University, publishers can suspend all University access to the resource in question. Licence violations traced back to specific users may result in the suspension of individual accounts or other disciplinary measures.

49. When accessing subscribed electronic resources the following must be observed:

(a) No person shall share their Massey University username and password with another person;

(b) No person shall systematically download, print, or copy substantial portions of electronic resources (eg entire journal issues or books);

(c) No person shall post content from electronic resources to any website or application.

(d) No person shall use content from electronic resources for commercial purposes (as resources are accessed under an educational-use licence).

(e) No person shall share content from electronic resources with people who are not Massey University staff or students.

(f) No person shall modify content or create derivative works except where licences allow.

(g) All users should seek advice from the Library before making multiple paper copies of an article from an electronic resource, or including a copy of an article in a course pack, study guide or online course.

50. All persons who use a copying device in the Library shall observe the limits described in the Copyright Act 1994.

Theses and Research Papers

Research Papers and Dissertations

51. Research papers and dissertations may be deposited in the Library. A digital copy may be loaded on the University’s institutional repository, Massey Research Online, and may be made openly available with appropriate document security.

Master’s and Doctoral Theses

52. Aligned with clause 82(c) of the Assessment and Examinations Regulations and unless otherwise approved by the Librarian, one digital copy of a thesis which has been accepted for the award of Doctoral or Master’s degree must be deposited in the Library. Such submissions must be in accordance with the Guide to the Presentation of Theses (available from the Library website), and should be in an approved format. Each copy must contain the name of the author and the title, and contain a short abstract.

53. Where theses are provided in a digital format that relies on non-standard technology, the Library provides no guarantee that formats will be shifted to ensure access in the future.

54. Copies of Master’s and Doctoral theses will be catalogued with metadata tags added and lodged permanently in the University’s digital research repository. Unless the Provost has approved an embargo, theses will be publicly accessible.

55. Theses may be embargoed for a period of time only if approved by the Provost. It is possible with digital theses to embargo part of the thesis (eg an appendix) while allowing the general text to be made available to the public. A thesis that is embargoed will have the author, title, abstract and metadata publicly available through the University’s institutional repository. If the full abstract contains information that needs to be covered by the embargo, students should supply a short, bland abstract for this purpose (eg a doctoral citation).

University Archives

56. The University Archives is a preservation and information unit. It serves as the official repository of all archival records of the University and as a collecting archive by collecting and preserving selected material for research purposes.

57. The resources of the Archives shall be available to the University community and the general public for the purposes of genuine research. Access to archival material may be restricted for preservation purposes, for reasons agreed to with donors of archival material, or in accordance with New Zealand legislation. The regulations governing access to and the use of archival sources of information are available on the Archives website and in the Archives reading room.

58. Physical archival material must be consulted in the Archives reading room; no items may be removed from the University Archives.

59. Hours of opening of the reading room are posted at the Archives and on the Archives website.

60. Entry to the University Archives and access in person to holdings is free of charge. Enquiries from people who cannot visit the Archives in person are free for the first hour

61. The following clauses of the Library Regulations also apply to the Archives: 39, 40, 43, 44, 46 and 50.

Intellectual Property

The University operates the Intellectual Property Policy, and students are subject to its provisions. Copies of this Policy are available at:

The general provisions are as follows:

The University claims legal and beneficial ownership of all New Intellectual Property Rights generated under the auspices of the University. However, Staff and Students retain ownership of copyright and other rights in certain works.

The Provost will take all reasonable steps to fairly and transparently allocate the benefits of the New Intellectual Property Rights to all parties with an interest.

All students are reminded of their responsibility to abide by the Intellectual Property Policy of the University, which they accept by enrolling at the University. In particular, staff and students are bound by obligations of confidentiality in relation to Intellectual Property Rights or other commercially-sensitive information they become aware of during their work or study at the University. In addition, staff and students may be bound by contractual obligations with third parties relating to their research or study.

Law of Copyright

The law of copyright allows the University under certain conditions to supply material to students in which copyright works or parts of copyright works are reproduced. Students are reminded of the obligations they must accept on enrolment that materials supplied to them are to be used only for research or private study and for no other purpose.

Massey University takes out a licence with Copyright Licensing New Zealand, Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA), Australasian Mechanical Copyright Owners Society (AMCO) Recorded Music New Zealand, Screenrights, and various electronic resources annually. These licences stipulate requirements for reproduction of copyright print works, music, broadcast sound and television works, and electronic resources for educational purposes only, and indemnifies the University and staff against any prosecution for any alleged breach of copyright while acting under the conditions of the licences. The licences do not lessen the obligation of students mentioned above.

Policy on Electronic Information Access Control

The purpose of this policy is to establish and operate effective access control methods across IT Systems, to reflect and mitigate the associated information security risks. The objective being to limit and manage access to data and information processing facilities based on business information security needs. It is intended that this policy be read in conjunction with the Data Management Policy. Both policies are available at: