Matriculation regulations

Find out about our matriculation regulations.


8. Every candidate for an undergraduate degree, undergraduate diploma, undergraduate certificate, or for a certificate of proficiency in a course of any degree, diploma or certificate shall have matriculated or been admitted with equivalent status. Candidates for sub-degree certificates and sub-degree diplomas must meet the published admission requirements of the selected programme.

Matriculation Requirements

9. Every person shall be academically qualified to matriculate at the University who:

(a) is academically qualified for entrance to a university on the basis of the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) as promulgated by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority at or equivalent; or

(b) has qualified for entrance to a university on the basis of the New Zealand University Entrance, Bursaries and Scholarships Examination prior to 2005, or the University Bursaries Examination prior to 1993, or New Zealand University Entrance (by accrediting or examination) prior to 1986; or

(c) has matriculated at any university in New Zealand; or

(d) is granted Special Admission; or

(e) is granted Discretionary Entrance under the Discretionary Entrance regulations or Provisional Entrance under the regulations applying in 2003; or

(f) is a New Zealand Citizen or Permanent Resident and has attained the age of 20 years by the final date for acceptance of late Enrolment Applications for the enrolment period in which study is commenced.

Minimum Age

10. Applicants shall not be eligible to matriculate unless they have attained the age of 16 years by the start of their study.


11. At the time of accepting an offer, every student shall promise to obey the statutes, regulations, policies, codes and rules of the University. Prior to enrolment being finalised, every student shall provide evidence of date of birth and citizenship and of eligibility to meet programme admission requirements.

12. Persons who are eligible to matriculate under these Regulations may matriculate by having their names enrolled on the books of the University as matriculated students. The University Council (or its delegate) may decline (under statutory authority) to matriculate a person in special cases.