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Massey University Council student membership role

As a governance body, the Council requires decisions to be made that are in the best interests of the institution as a whole. Each member of Council is asked to make contributions to decision making that reflects their individual perspective and knowledge, while recognising that decisions should deliver the best outcome for Massey University.

The student position on Massey University Council ideally requires a person who:

  • is in touch with students' needs and wants;
  • has the relevant knowledge, skills, or experience;
  • is likely to be able to fulfil their individual duties on Council; and
  • together with the other members of the Council, is capable of undertaking the responsibilities, duties and functions.

Written and spoken communication, an understanding of the tertiary sector and trends in education are all valuable in the Council environment. Students on Council are expected to consider and include the needs of students in efforts to constantly improve Massey University.

As a Council member, opportunities exist for improving knowledge of governance and verbal and written communication, both formally and informally.

All members of Council are expected to attend the six scheduled meetings per year, as well as any planning days/strategy sessions, or other Committee meetings as required and other Council meetings that may be called. Preparation, predominantly reading, is required for each meeting. Attendance at a number of graduation ceremonies is also a part of official Council duties.

Declaration of result for 2020 Council elections

Ngahuia Kirton has been successfully re-elected to the Massey University Council by students enrolled at Massey University.

The Chancellor would like to thank all those who stood in the elections and to those students who took the time to vote.

Find out about Ngahuia Kirton

Ngahuia Kirton Ngahuia Kirton

I’m a vet student, and it’s been my privilege to serve on the University Council for the past two years. If you’re in Palmy you might also remember me as the MUSA President. I’ve always strived to support our students, whether that’s backing students at governance level and on committees, serving you drinks in O-Week, or tutoring first-year students.

It’s vital to recognise the different experiences that students have, due to their degree type, background, and other factors. The COVID crisis has proven Massey is capable of delivering well-developed, accessible online learning - it’s essential we keep this momentum going and continue removing barriers to education, especially for those studying extramurally or with different support needs.

Studying isn’t a walk in the park – students take time away from family, work and life to learn and grow. This investment must be acknowledged and championed! I have faith in the positive impact that Massey can have, but I’m not uncritical. In the rapidly changing tertiary sector, the Council will benefit from student-driven innovation and a capable, experienced, empathetic voice.

Your vote for me will ensure your voice is heard at the table and that Massey continues to grow and support diverse styles of learning.

Opportunity to talk with the Chancellor

If any student standing in this election would like to talk with Chancellor Michael Ahie about a Council member’s role and responsibilities, he would be very happy to do this. This can be arranged by contacting the Council’s Governance Advisor Maryse Ropiha at elections@massey.ac.nz

Eligibility to stand and vote

Students must be enrolled at Massey University as at 4.00pm Friday 23 October 2020 to stand and/or vote in the election, the term of which is for two years from the date of appointment by Council in December 2020.