International students studying in New Zealand enrolling for distance study

Normally international students study full time at one of our campuses in New Zealand. Distance enrolment may be permitted for some courses if the enrolment does not violate the conditions of your study permit. See the Study Permit section below for more details. If you are a new or returning international student resident in New Zealand, you should apply to enrol in your chosen courses following the normal enrolment process. Your eligibility for distance study will be assessed when the application is received. 

At Massey University, enrolment by distance will not normally be approved for citizens of the People's Republic of China in order to ensure degree recognition. Any exception requires approval by the Pro Vice-Chancellor (or nominee) of the College responsible for the student's programme of study.

Study Permit

A study permit requires that you be enrolled in a full time internally taught programme of study.


  • If you are on a work permit you are eligible to study a maximum of two courses per semester (maximum 30 credits) by distance. A verified copy of your work permit should be submitted with your application. Once you have an Offer of Place you will need to apply for and be granted a variation of conditions which permits you to enrol on a part-time basis.