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Undergraduate Postgraduate Pathways

Pathway programmes

If you don’t have the right background/qualifications to start your degree, Massey offers a number of programmes to help you. The Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma are for those who wish to study in an area different from their undergraduate degree.


Pathways tool

If you are unsure whether you have the right background/subjects to study this programme, our tool will help you to figure out what you might need to do before starting your qualification.

Pathways tool

Professional development

Advanced soil conservation

This course covers the basics of erosion, nutrient and sediment loss, and key mitigation strategies, with participants able to progress to more advanced learning around soil and nutrient loss processes and the development of a land and water management farm plan.

Advanced soil conservation course

Farm dairy effluent

A three-day short course for industry practitioners, rural professionals, regulatory and governance personnel and scientists engaged in providing advice relating to the design, management and auditing of farm dairy effluent (FDE) system.

Farm dairy effluent course

Greenhouse gas emissions and management

Developed with DairyNZ, AgResearch, New Zealand Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Centre and MPI, this course presents New Zealand’s agricultural GHG emissions in the context of their contribution to global emissions and climate change.

Greenhouse gas emissions course

Sustainable nutrient management

Two courses are offered for the accreditation of advisors responsible for safe and effective nutrient management. The ‘Intermediate’ Course is offered in two options – Pastoral Agriculture and Orchard and Arable Production.

Sustainable nutrient management

Understanding herbicides

This course will give you a good grounding in the principles of using herbicides to control weeds. It has been designed to prepare participants for working in the herbicide industry within New Zealand.

Understanding herbicides

Remote piloted aircraft systems (RPAS)

This course, run by Massey’s School of Aviation, provides training in the use of drones and remotely piloted vehicles.

RPAS course


Agriculture at Massey is about understanding and optimising the growth of plants and animals for food, fibre and other products and to sustain and enhance our resources and people’s lives.

We aim to find the right balance between production and sustainability. The innovations we bring to the primary industries come from our trans-disciplinary approach across the food value chain.


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Student opportunities

Massey clubs

Massey has many different student clubs you can join, from conservation groups to the Massey Young Farmers club, the largest Young Farmers Club in New Zealand.


    Animal Genetic Services

    Massey University’s Equine Parentage and Animal Genetics Services Centre offers the most comprehensive range of DNA-based genetic testing for animals in New Zealand.

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    Farm Services Clinic

    Massey University’s Farm Services Clinic provides on-farm treatment for all farm animals as well as in-clinic consultations as required. We have a large animal hospital in Palmerston North providing ongoing care as well as advanced diagnostic imaging, intensive care and surgery for our patients.

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    Seed Testing Service

    We provide an independent seed-testing service offering a wide range of seed-quality assessment tests. We are accredited by the International Seed Testing Association and provide tests for clients including seed companies, farmers, research institutes, small businesses and individuals.

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      Guide to sheep health

      The Sheep: Health, Disease and Production is a guide to sheep health, disease and production for veterinarians, farmers, farm advisors, and veterinary, agricultural and applied science students. The latest edition features the latest research and thinking on sheep health, disease and production and includes in-depth information on exotic sheep diseases such as Helicobacter abortion and Schmallenberg virus.

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      Sward stick

      A printed 'yardstick', this tool was created to show the relationship between seasonality, the height and yield of herb pasture mixes in the field and whether stock should then be grazing, or not. The stick aims to assist farmers' understanding of the management of 'new' forage pasture types.

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      The New Zealand Land & Food Annual 2017

      The world needs nutrition-driven agriculture that operates within planetary boundaries. But a recent OECD report on New Zealand’s environmental performance shows how our agricultural sector’s continual push at those boundaries poses grave risks.

      The Annual brings together over 30 experts to share ideas on how New Zealand can lead the way in determining robust policies, new solutions and best practice for sustainable food production and consumption.

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      Tāhuri Whenua - National Māori Vegetable Growers Collective

      Massey staff are on the Tāhuri Whenua National Committee. This group represents Māori interests in the horticulture sector. Their website features information for growers, books, projects and contacts for regional activity.

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      Veterinary Clinical Toxicology

      An excellent resource on toxicoses for veterinary students, practitioners, agriculturalists, diagnostic laboratories and libraries. Includes the latest references, new toxicities and an expanded section of poisonous plant plates in colour.

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      Weeds database

      Need help identifying weeds? This database has detail on 70 of the most common weeds found in New Zealand, including how to identify and control the plant.

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      Departments and staff

      Find out more about the departments and staff involved in agriculture and horticulture at Massey.