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Study sustainability , Te whakapūmautanga

Study sustainability at Massey to help people, businesses and government manage resources wisely and move to low-carbon living. Learn how we can cut climate change and move to a low-carbon future.

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Unique degree

Our master's degree in the UN Sustainable Development Goals is the only one of its kind in Australasia.


Our Climate Action Plan runs from 2021 to 2030 and is just one way we're building sustainability into university life.

World-wide recognition

Be work-ready on a global scale. Many Massey qualifications are recognised around the world, as well as in New Zealand.

The heart of the matter

Humanities and Social Sciences at Massey. Explore what it means to be human, why we act like we do and the ways we create meaning.


Sustainability means living smarter, using natural resources wisely so future generations can thrive. Caring for people and the planet spans culture and society, politics, economics and more.

Learn from world-class lecturers and researchers with specialisations such as corporate social responsibility or sustainable development. Understand how sustainable thinking and practice benefit business, industry and society. Gain the practical skills to measure sustainability and innovate for a sustainable future. Graduate with in-demand training and knowledge, ready to work in a fast-growing field.

Sustainability is a good fit if you:

  • enjoy subjects such as science, design, social studies or technology
  • want to help solve complex problems facing the world
  • like thinking analytically, being innovative and creative, and working with others.

Sustainability cuts across many subject areas, so courses may cover:

  • agriculture and environmental management
  • built environment
  • ecology
  • food technology
  • indigenous or traditional knowledge
  • international development
  • logistics and supply chain management
  • planning, including environmental, regional, transport or urban planning
  • sustainable business practices
  • the UN's sustainable development goals.

How to study sustainability

Discover what we offer if you’re interested in sustainability – whether you’re coming to university for the first time, changing direction or returning to advance your study or career.

Undergraduate study

An undergraduate qualification is generally the first thing you’ll study at university.

Bachelor's degrees

Degrees are the standard qualifications you do at university – the most common is called a bachelor’s. Degrees give you enough time to explore your interests, and also focus on specific subjects.

Undergraduate bachelor's degrees with honours

An undergraduate honours degree is a four-year bachelor’s degree. We also offer postgraduate honours years.

Undergraduate diplomas

Undergraduate diplomas let you try university study before you commit to a degree. They’re also useful if you need to advance your career.

Graduate diplomas

Graduate diplomas can help you advance to postgraduate study or research in a subject you haven’t majored in for your undergraduate study.

Relevant undergraduate subjects to major or specialise in

When you apply to study at Massey, for some undergraduate qualifications you can choose what subject you’d like to specialise in. You can usually change your mind after you get to university, depending on the courses you enrol in.

Examples of specialisations relating to sustainability include:

Postgraduate study

Once you’ve graduated with a bachelor’s degree – or have equivalent experience – you’ll be ready to take on postgraduate study.

Master's degrees

A master's degree normally builds on a main subject of study from your undergraduate degree.

Postgraduate certificates

Postgraduate certificates give you an introduction to postgraduate-level study. They’re shorter than postgraduate degrees. If you’re successful, you may be able to use the credits towards a postgraduate diploma

Postgraduate diplomas

Postgraduate diplomas are postgraduate-level qualifications that are longer than a postgraduate certificate. If you’re successful, you might be able to use the credits towards the longer master’s degree.

PhD and other doctoral degrees

Doctoral degrees, including PhDs, are the highest degrees we award. They’re very demanding and their entry criteria reflect this.

What our students say

“Academic staff are internationally renowned for their great expertise in various leading-edge research fields.”
Ta Thi Tam Ha

Master of International Development

“My degrees at Massey gave me a good understanding the main components agricultural science – climate, soils, plants and animals – and how they interact”
Todd White

Bachelor of AgriScience

“A degree in planning equipped me with the skills and knowledge to facilitate sustainable development as cities continue to grow.”
John Yin

Bachelor of Resource and Environmental Planning

Campus Co-Lab

Staff and students work together to improve campus life. Students lead many projects, which are often on sustainability.

Examples include:

  • Bikes at Massey – bike-sharing in Wellington
  • Wā Collective – students get free or subsidised period products.

All campuses

Massey Student Enterprise: Develop your entrepreneurial mindset

Got a business idea? Massey Student Enterprise helps students and staff gain hands-on experience and knowledge to build a sustainable enterprise. 

Join a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and innovators, supported by people who understand your goals.

Location: All campuses and available to distance students

Massey Campus Living Labs

In a Massey Campus Living Lab, students, academic staff and operational staff work together on campus sustainability.

Work on real-life research to improve your campus and beyond. Projects can include any area of sustainability, such as energy, waste or bio-diversity.

Email Allanah Ryan

Student clubs, societies and associations

You could join a student club or society that focuses on sustainability or related areas. If your campus doesn't have one, start your own.

Student associations are run by students for students, so talk to your representatives about sustainability issues.

Location: All campuses

Student associations, clubs and societies

Jobs in sustainability

Sustainability is a fast-growing field across all economic activities, not just specialist jobs working on the environment. Sustainability is an ever-more important part of all sectors. Examples include construction, design, energy and tourism.

Careers related to sustainability include:

  • conservationists and environmental scientists, who research and manage land and its wildlife
  • environmental engineers, who assess how engineering projects affect natural resources, including waste systems
  • farmers and horticulturalists, who produce food and manage land, crops and animals
  • food technologists, who develop new food products or packaging
  • industrial engineers, who plan and build systems to make products or supply services
  • logistics and supply chain managers, who distribute goods
  • policy advisers or analysts, who interpret information and create guidelines and frameworks for government and businesses
  • product or industrial designers, who design objects and services
  • research scientists, who carry out experiments and trials for companies, research organisations and government
  • urban planners, architects and construction managers, who plan and oversee the development of cities and buildings.

Annual salary ranges for jobs

Many careers are related to sustainability. Here are some examples:

Salary ranges disclaimer

Indicative pay rates are:

Which sustainability qualification?

Examples of where our qualifications may take you.

Table of jobs and which sustainability-related qualifications you could study at Massey to enter them.
Jobs Examples of what you could study
Aid worker or community health worker Graduate Diploma in Environmental Health
Postgraduate Certificate in International Development
Postgraduate Diploma in International Development
Business manager or consultant Master of Management (Sustainability)
Master of Business Administration (Business Sustainability)
Master of Sustainable Development Goals
Conservation worker Bachelor of Science (Ecology)
Construction manager Bachelor of Construction (Construction Management)
Farm manager or consultant Bachelor of Agribusiness
Bachelor of Horticultural Science
Master of Agribusiness
Food technologist, food marketer or food manufacturer Bachelor of Food Technology with Honours
International development manager Master of International Development
Master of Sustainable Development Goals
Policy analyst specialising in the environment Bachelor of Agricultural Science
Master of Environmental Management
Urban planner Bachelor of Resource and Environmental Planning

Accreditations and rankings

QS Ranking - Business Management Studies

Massey University is ranked by QS (Quacquarelli Symonds) as one of the top 400 universities for business and management.

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