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Artificial intelligence

We are working on designing smart programmes that simulate intelligent human behaviour in computers, such as recognising complex behaviours and objects. Machine learning and computing on 'invisible' devices. Developing knowledge-based systems that make use of the Cloud and Internet of Things for solving problems.


Computer vision, image and video processing

Our research in these areas focus on developing novel machine learning techniques for action recognition, behavior analysis, and video captioning.


Human-computer interaction and socio-technical design

Our researchers have expertise in the development of innovative interfaces, including those based on gestures. Socio-technical design explores social technologies like Wikipedia, Facebook and YouTube.


Internet of Things

Investigation and development of concepts, approaches, algorithms and novel knowledge-based systems for comprehensive, secure and private, integrated, personalised and active diet, nutrition, health and lifestyle information. Strategic and innovative implementation of knowledge-bases and decision support systems that make use of the Cloud and Internet of Things for solving problems in healthcare, agriculture, law, food and nutrition and sport and exercise.


Machine learning

Successful applications of machine learning depend on a number of factors. We are researching in areas such as algorithm selection and customised tuning, training runtime as well as feature engineering and feature selection.


Precision agriculture and livestock management

Our research in this area works to enhance the economic and environmental performance of land, including the application of new and emerging technology to improve agricultural systems.

Research focuses on GIS, precision agriculture and resource management. This includes investigations of fertiliser use, animal tracking, resource management, remote sensing and identifying nutrient content and delivering fertiliser by air.


Speech processing and language processing

Our research focuses on both English and the Maori language. We are developing novel machine learning techniques for speech recognition, spoken emotion, sentimental analysis and machine translation.


Technology-enhanced learning

Our research builds on learning theories and educational foundations to advance work on learning styles, adaptation, meta-cognition, and intelligent tutoring. Using mobile technologies for innovative learning solutions.


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