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Massey University Communications Internship


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219.311: Communication Internship

The Massey Communication Internship provides Students with a period of intensive workplace experience. The internship enables them to integrate that experience with knowledge of communication theory which they will have already gained in prior study in their degree.

Internationally, it is often noted that successfully completing an internship is key step when moving into professional roles. The internship allows the student to engage with industry and the community while still undertaking study.

 Programme Development

In developing this programme, we spoke to a number of business leaders and communication industry organisations, including the Public Relations Institute of New Zealand. PRINZ Executive Director Paul Dryden told us an internship was a "must do" item on his list of preferred graduate qualities.

The Massey University Communication Internship was developed after studying models and guidelines from a range of other institutions, including the Annenberg School for Communication, Pennsylvania State University, ACT Department of Education and Training, Bond University, Northwestern University and Stanford University. 

What the Course Does

This course provides opportunities for integrated learning and experience. While on internship in the workplace or community organisation, students are able to actively reflect on the concepts they have learned throughout their degree in the light of what they experience in the organisation. As such, the internship is a place for students to learn from organisations and industry professionals and to share latest theories and ideas with their hosts.

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