PGDipPsychPrac - Internship and supervisors

Finding an internship

Ideally, applicants to the PGDipPsychPrac are already working in a role which is sufficiently similar to that of a psychologist that their employer is willing to adjust the position to that of Intern Psychologist.  All that remains then is to identify a suitable supervisor. 

However, students who are working in some other capacity or are currently completing their Masters study will need to begin looking for an internship well in advance of making application to the programme in October. The best way to begin that process is by making an expression of interest to the Programme Coordinator.  Be sure to include information about your previous study and any experience you may have had, along with your aspirations for practicing psychology and practical matters such as your location and whether you are able to move.   The co-ordinator will then work with you to identify a suitable internship site.  You will need to approach suitable organisations, but we will support you in that process, providing information to and perhaps meeting with potentially interested organisations.

NB: Please do not approach a DHB unless you already work there; if it is appropriate to approach one, we will assist you.  DHBs have been overwhelmed by students from a huge variety of programmes seeking placements and internships, so we are assisting them by streamlining approaches from intending applicants.

Financial responsibilities

It will be the responsibility of the prospective intern, with the support of PGDipPsychPrac staff, to arrange both a suitable internship and a suitable supervisor. It is generally expected that the agency will employ the intern and reimburse him or her for their services, and that the field supervisor will also be paid by the agency, either in terms of release time from regular workload, or, if external, as a consultant. However the programme is not directly involved in these financial arrangements. We may review the agreement that the intern has with the agency and with the supervisor and ensure that it meets our requirements and is fair and ethical, but we do not negotiate the details of the financial contract.

Approval of an internship and a field supervisor

Before a student can be formally enrolled in the programme, the School of Psychology will need to have approved the arrangements proposed for supervision and for the internship experience. To assist this process we have explanatory information that can be used by the prospective student when talking to a possible internship site and supervisor (initial approaches to potential supervisors may be made either by the student or the proposed internship agency). This will ensure that there are opportunities for supervised practice, that the work is psychological in nature, and that the training requirement of the internship is recognised (time allowed for some academic activities, participation in Contact Workshops at the university, and so on). We will also ask to see the proposed supervisor’s CV and obtain some assurance in writing that the supervisor understands his or her potential responsibilities.

Note: An information sheet for prospective employers is available upon request from the Academic administrator.

More information

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