What we offer postgraduate, doctorate and PhD students

What we offer postgraduate, doctorate and PhD students , Ko tā Te Kunenga mā ngā tauira tāura. Tauira kairangi

Postgraduate study at Massey helps you move to the next level in your qualification or career. Choose from a certificate, diploma, honours, master's, PhD or professional doctorate.

Popular for postgrad study

Over 20% of our students are doing postgraduate study. Join our community where you'll be challenged and inspired.

Research excellence

We're known around the world for our research innovation and results. You'll study with academics who are leaders in their fields.

Serious about your success

All postgraduate study supervisors are trained and accredited. They're ready to offer you expertise and to support you to succeed.

Diverse qualifications

We offer 130+ postgrad qualifications across business, health, science, humanities, social science and the creative arts.

Massey's forward-thinking spirit, research-led teaching and cutting-edge discoveries make it New Zealand’s defining university for postgraduate study with a reputation for excellence on a global scale.

Postgrad study with us offers advanced level in-depth study in your area of interest. You can take your prior experience and knowledge, use your initiative as you research, and contribute to your field of expertise.

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Reasons for postgraduate study

  • Get the edge over others when applying for jobs and usually increase your pay packet.
  • Make a career change or move up the ladder.
  • Personal development or interest.
  • Earn while you learn and be sponsored by your company to do research work in your particular field. This is an excellent way to do something you love in a supported environment.

Study at this higher level takes planning, dedication and will often take time away from your everyday life. But your hard work could lead to new opportunities and greater accomplishments at work or in society.

What you can study

Massey offers postgraduate qualifications across a range of areas - Science, Business, Humanities & Social Sciences, Health, and Creative Arts. You name it – we've got an expert for it. Join us now to elevate your learning and become an expert in your chosen field.

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Pathways and entry to postgraduate study

A typical progression to postgraduate study starts with a bachelor's degree. You'll generally need an above average grade for your bachelor's degree to advance to a postgrad qualification.

If you decide to change the direction or focus of your study once you've completed your undergraduate degree, you may need to begin your postgraduate study with a graduate diploma.

We have a team of advisers who are happy to help you plot your pathway to a postgraduate qualification.

Typical postgraduate study progression

Postgraduate study progression

As outlined in the diagram, there are several ways to progress towards postgraduate qualifications at Massey.

This table outlines postgraduate qualifications and how long they take to study and the pathway to get there.
Qualification type Duration if studying full-time Pathway to qualification
Graduate certificate 60 credits over 0.5 years, if studying full-time (300-level and above) Direct from a bachelor's degree or – for some qualifications – admission is considered with equivalent prior experience
Graduate diploma 120 credits over 1 year, if studying full-time (300-level and above) Direct from a bachelor's degree
Postgraduate certificate 60 credits over 0.5 years, if studying full-time (700-level and above) Direct from a bachelor's degree or – for some qualifications – admission is considered with equivalent prior experience
Postgraduate diploma 120 credits over 1 year – may include research (700-level) Direct from a bachelor's degree or via a graduate diploma
Bachelor honours degree 120 credits over 1 year (700-level) Direct from a bachelor's degree
Bachelor's degree with honours 480 or 600 credits over 4 years – may include research (400-700-level) This is an undergraduate degree with a postgraduate year built in
Master's degree 120 credits for thesis only year or 180 credits over 1.5 years of full-time study – may include research (700-800-level) Direct from bachelor's degree or via a graduate diploma, postgraduate diploma, bachelor honours degree, or bachelor's degree with honours
PhD or professional doctorate 360 credits over 3+ years (900-level) Via a bachelor honours degree, bachelor's degree with honours or master's degree

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Getting entry through your experience

You may gain direct entry to some postgraduate qualifications without a bachelor's degree if you have enough relevant practical, professional or scholarly experience, for example:

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Applying for postgraduate study

You may need to provide copies of your academic transcripts if you haven't studied at Massey before. Have these to hand when you're preparing to apply.

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What our doctoral students say

“The Massey School of Aviation provides the best place for my research with its high standard of education and aviation industry experts who are easy to approach and always provide me the best help of every kind.”
Martina Daskova

PhD in Aviation

“For me, Massey is my second family. I feel very happy and secure here, and love living in Palmerston North. Massey has excellent facilities and a supportive environment for PhD students. I always feel listened to and supported by my lecturers.”
Amaliah Fitriah, Indonesia

PhD in Development Studies

“I wanted to do my degree in an English-speaking country. Naturally New Zealand was the top priority. Massey won out due to the strong research faculty at the School of Accountancy and recommendations from friends already studying at Massey.”
Fawad Ahmad

PhD in Accountancy

Our teaching and research departments

Massey has an international reputation for its research innovation, practices and results, which are applied to postgraduate study across our teaching and research departments.

These are divided into five colleges and our research department:

Support for postgraduate study

We want to help you succeed in your postgraduate studies. As you move up from undergraduate to a postgrad level, return to study if you have been away from it for a while or move towards more advanced postgraduate qualifications such as a PhD, you will have more responsibility and need more initiative for postgraduate study.

But you won't be on your own with our fully accredited supervisors to guide you along the way, along with our workshops and seminars to help you develop the academic and research skills you need to excel in your studies.

We also offer a wide range of services and support for students.

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Workshops and seminars

Skills needed for postgraduate study

Flexible learning

Massey is the only multi-campus university in New Zealand, with campuses in Auckland, Manawatū and Wellington where you can do postgraduate study – along with online and distance study.

Auckland campus

The Auckland campus is located in Albany on Auckland's North Shore.

In addition to our postgraduate qualifications, the campus offers you postgraduate work and research with national companies and major community services providers. Our key partnerships include:

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Manawatū campus

Our Manawatū campus in Palmerston North is Massey’s original home and remains our research engine room, making it a hub for postgraduate study.

It's also home to:

Our Manawatū campus is next to several government-owned research centres, including:

Directly across the road is the research headquarters of New Zealand’s largest company, Fonterra.

Their specialised and extensive facilities and highly-skilled research staff extend the range of facilities and expertise that is available to postgraduate students studying on this campus.

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Wellington campus

Massey’s Wellington campus is in the heart of the capital city, the centre of New Zealand’s geographical, political and cultural life.

Our creative campus is home to a diverse range of internationally-recognised qualifications. You'll also find:

We are active in national and regional business incubators that bring together the skills of industry and academia, such as Wellington-basedCreative HQ.

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Distance and online study

Our expertise in online and distance learning gives you the flexibility you need to fit your changing lifestyle. Study when, where and how you want to – by internet, post or telephone. We've seen 250,000 students study by distance with us over the past 35 years.

With more than 3,000 distance learning courses to choose from, including many at postgraduate level, you can choose to study from wherever you like, at the pace that suits you.

Distance and online study

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If you're still not sure if postgrad study is for you, what to study or how to apply please contact us. If you're a current student, please include your student ID number.

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