What you can study as a PhD or professional doctoral student , He aha hei ako māhau hei tauira tohu kairangi

Learn about doctoral degrees you can study at Massey, including PhDs and professional doctorates. Find out how long your studies will take and what funding you could get.

The doctoral degree is the highest degree you can study at Massey. To complete a doctoral degree, you need to carry out a significant piece of supervised research.

A PhD will include supervised, in-depth research. A professional doctorate will also include coursework and internships or practicums, where you work in a setting where you can gain real experience and apply knowledge.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Most doctoral students at Massey enrol in a PhD. To complete a PhD you need to conduct original research in your subject area.

Entry requirements include a relevant honours or master’s with research degree with at least a B+ average.

You can study a PhD at Massey in any of the following research areas:

Doctor of Clinical Psychology (DClinPsych)

The DClinPsych is a professional doctorate for students who want to qualify as clinical psychologists.

Along with coursework and an internship, you need to write a research thesis.

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How long will it take?

You can expect your doctoral degree to take three to four years if you’re studying full-time. Full-time candidates should expect to spend the majority of their working time on their studies.

Your doctoral degree will take longer if you study part-time. Part-time study is only available to domestic students.

Fees and funding options

PhD student fees are the same for domestic and international students based in New Zealand.

International professional doctorate students pay international fees.

Fees vary by subject area.

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You may be able to get a scholarship to help cover your fees and living expenses. Massey has a range of scholarships for doctoral students, including the Massey University Doctoral Scholarship.

See the full list of scholarships for doctoral students

If you’re a domestic student, you may be able to get a student loan or student allowance from StudyLink.

Explore financial and budgeting support you can get at Massey

Find a supervisor

If you know what kind of doctoral degree you want to do and you’re ready to start looking for a supervisor, explore Massey staff’s research expertise.

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