Social Sciences library subject guide , Aratohu kaupapa mō te mātauranga pāpori

This guide covers general social sciences topics, including human geography, politics, social anthropology, and sociology.

Article databases

Search these databases for the articles you need in your study or research.


Mega-searches selected journal article databases simultaneously. Databases include Academic Search Premier and PsycINFO. Includes NZ content. Excellent starting point for undergraduates.

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A scholarly database with broad, international coverage of social sciences journals, that searches for articles on a topic and tracks citations.

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Google Scholar

Just like Google, but searches for academic literature rather than websites, and links to Massey University Library’s subscribed content. It provides good coverage of reports too and is also a great source for New Zealand material.

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Australia/New Zealand Reference Centre Plus

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Historical Abstracts

Primary source for world history from the 15th century. Excludes US and Canada.

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Sociological Abstracts

Scholarly international coverage of sociology, social sciences, economics and women's studies.

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Searches across the journals published by the American Anthropological Association.

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Index New Zealand

The principal index to New Zealand social sciences journal literature, with limited direct access to full-text content.

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Newspaper Article Databases

Terms and conditions for library online resources

Legal guidelines about how and by whom Library-subscribed article databases may be used.

Books and ebooks

Find books and ebooks.

Search Discover

Search to find Library books, journals, DVDs & other material.

Search Libraries Worldwide

For postgraduate students and staff to find and request books that are not held by any Massey University Library.

Find books, ebooks and textbooks

Google Books

Searches across the full-text content of a huge range of books. You can then check by searching Discover to see if the book is held by Massey University Library.

Find theses and research reports

Locate Massey, New Zealand, and international theses.

The Treaty of Waitangi Collection

A collection of ebooks from Bridget Williams Books.

More information

Find background, concepts, research methods and documentaries.

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