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Mechatronics, robotics and automation research

As society advances technologically, there is increasing demand for smart devices with embedded electronics, sensors and actuators. Mechatronics is the interdisciplinary field of engineering dealing with the integration of mechanical, electronic, software and control engineering to design and produce intelligent products and processes.

Research expertise

Additive manufacturing and manufacturing technologies

Massey University’s research in additive manufacturing spans a wide range of areas including Finite Element Analysis of CAD designs, design of novel additive manufacturing systems and the characterisation of printed components.


Applied vision processing and machine learning

Massey mechatronics engineers have expertise in applying image processing and machine learning to create intelligent technologies. These technologies are applicable in a number of industry contexts, from sorting components in a factory line, avoiding obstacles in an interior or recognising and picking different types of fruit on trees.


Materials science

Our research expertise is in the properties of materials, how to extract fibres from those materials and assessment of these for suitability in processes such as 3D printing. Material of interest include collagen, metals and natural substances such as harakeke (flax).


Micro/nano robotics

Massey researchers have expertise in the area of small-scale robotics and specifically micro-nano actuation and sensing systems development for molecule/cell/tissue analysis and manipulation.


Robotics, mechatronics and automation

Massey researchers have expertise in smart robot design and industrial automation, and reconfigurable, flexible, hard and soft robotic systems. We are working on indoor and outdoor autonomous robots for industrial applications including agriculture and forestry, and intelligent control system design via smart sensing, machine learning, vision, bio-signal, embedded programming, and wireless communication. We work closely with business and organisations to develop robots to meet industry needs.



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    Destructive and non-destructive testing

    We have expertise in testing for yield and tensile strength of a range of materials, using destructive and non-destructive methods. Our equipment include a tensilometer and scanning electron microscopes.

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