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International Study Tour

In the second year of your EMBA study at Massey you will take part in a guided study tour in an international destination.

The tour is a compulsory part of the programme and you will select from two or three study tour destinations. During the tour you are given the opportunity to take an in-depth look at the way international business operate and management skills are applied.

The study tour is undertaken as part of the strategy paper and it allows a unique insight into the challenges and opportunities facing the businesses we visit and the strategies they implement.

Massey MBA students visit to the UN

2018 - Hong Kong and Vietnam, South America

Tour 1: Hong Kong and Vietnam | Tour 2: Chile and Argentina These groups visited major corporations, NGOs including the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Vietnam and 3M’s Center for Innovation and Technology Development in Argentina.

Massey MBA group visit to China

2017 - Japan and China | Dubai, Europe

Tour 1: Japan, China | Tour 2: Dubai, The Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic This tour looked at the circular economy in particular. Wvisited everything from the Port of Ghent to EU parliament to Fonterra & more.

2016 - America, Europe

Tour 1: Europe | Tour 2: South America | Tour 3: America These groups visited technology giants, innovation networks, global charities, agrifood, vineyards including a briefing from the UN and Federal Reserve Bank.

Toronto - skyline at night

2015 - North America and Europe

Tour 1: Europe | Tour 2: USA and Canada The groups visited trade organisations, global supply chain specialists, innovation labs, design hubs and the European Parliament.

New York mockup

2014 - North America and Europe

We began with Europe's parliament and EC agencies and visits to companies including Phillips Design Centre and headquarters of companies such as Adidas, Caterpillar and Zespri International. New York, Toronto and San Francisco were on the agenda in America, with visits to IBM, Siemens and Google and hospitality, sporting and building-related companies.

2013 - Americas

North America - This trip took participants to California, Kansas, Missouri and Chicago to visit and speak with key staff in major global companies including PayPal, Google, AuthorIt and the World Bank.  

South America - Chile to Brazil, our visits encompassed business, agriculture & government. An NZ to South American perspective.

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Katie Nimon


"My favourite visit was the Hong Kong Productivity Council, Government funds small and medium companies to innovate, it provides facilities to help businesses “go places”. We started looking at how we could apply that model to other businesses. I liked that the study tour visited two countries it added diversity of learning, businesses are so different due to geographic, economic and social conditions. "

Matthew Todd


"We had a meeting with an international attorney in Vietnam. He introduced us to the nitty gritty of Vietnam that you would not normally hear about.

The business language and learnings that Massey teaches you for business in NZ is the same language used in International Business – you really see the value of the MBA in the international market. What the Strategy paper does is it brings all the key learnings and hard work of the last 18 months and tis the glue the holds it all together – you can see the whole picture.

For the first time (while on the study tour) I saw how it all tied together and worked…strategy teaches you to stand back and look at why they make those decisions."

Tia Ashby


"My favourite place to visit was the Hong Kong Productivity Council – the concept of digital transformation being the key to smart cities blew me away. I believe the NZ government needs to innovate and find cost-effective solutions to improve the ICT infrastructure and internet connectivity between urban and rural populated areas to enable the best use of enabling smart technologies and to prepare for what the future may bring.

Having two locations for the tour was good as I saw the stark differences in cultural practices and how they conduct business, it helped me to develop my cultural intelligence and made me reflect on my personal biases. Overall, the tour consolidated the sharing of ideas and improved networks – both within the group and with international organisations and improved my critical thinking skills, as well as looking at the wider holistic implications of business practice."

Nicola van der Meijden,  Associate Head of General Entertainment and Prime at SKY Television


"The study tour took me from looking at businesses from the 'outside in' to the 'inside out'.  The tour allowed me to step back and reflect on business in New Zealand, my career, the way I do things and the way my industry operates. It accelerated my learning, inspired me, challenged me and left me with what I believe is a far more effective and empowered way of approaching business in the future."

Mike Richards, Manager Corporate Communications, Civil Aviation Authority

North America 2014

"There were so many ‘Eureka! Moments for me. Gaining access to key people and being able to learn their business strategies first hand was priceless. IBM stood out - the whole way of thinking was something that demonstrated why they are a global leader in so many ways. Stanford D School was stimulating too and I am already encouraging my colleagues to adopt some of the techniques applied there."