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Postgraduate Diploma in Psychological Practice

Welcome to the Postgraduate Diploma in Psychological Practice (PGDipPsychPrac) Information pages. These pages are designed to provide sufficient information for you to decide if this programme is appropriate for you and your career goals. Much more detailed regulations will be explained to those who are selected for the programme; however, the general requirements are provided here.  The formal Massey University description of the programme provides basic information about the structure and courses required for this diploma.

In addition to the general information about the programme, this website has pages for psychologists considering supervising a PGDipPsychPrac intern and for employers, with a little more information provided for employers who may not already be familiar with psychology internships. 

Please note:

Recent changes within the leadership of the Postgraduate Diploma in Psychological Practice (PGDipPsychPrac) have provided a new cohort of staff with the opportunity to undertake an important phase of reviewing the Psychologists’ training pathway. Consequently, we are not accepting any students into the PGDipPsychPrac for the academic year 2023 as we revise the qualification.

The PGDipPsychPrac is an accredited qualification for the purpose of registration with the New Zealand Psychologists Board and is now due for renewal. Our accreditation is extended until March to accommodate the current cohort of 2022 interns, so we will be completing the process for reaccreditation during 2023. We cannot admit any new students until the following year, 2024.

We greatly value what our qualification has to offer and the unique contribution it has already made to training practicing psychologists for Aotearoa New Zealand. During the process of reviewing the qualification we will be working towards stronger links to academic qualifications that provide the foundations for students entering the qualification, broader consultation with internship sponsors, opportunities to learn from alumni now in practice, and revisions to strengthen our training pathways to meet the needs of communities we serve.

We plan to accept applications as usual in September 2023 for the 2024 academic year.


The PGDipPsychPrac is an internship programme which trains appropriately qualified postgraduate psychology students to be eligible for registration to practice under the Psychologist Scope of Practice as defined by the New Zealand Psychologists Board. 

The word “practice” in the title of this degree is not limited to direct one-to-one services to designated clients, such as in psychotherapy or counselling. Practice means applying or translating the knowledgebase of our discipline to provide a service to the public that is psychological in nature. Common areas of practice that are within the Psychologist Scope include health psychology, kaupapa Māori psychology, community development, organisational, and rehabilitation psychology. In partnership with approved field service settings, the aim is to provide this training opportunity in a way that is academically rigorous and reflects the highest standards of ethical, safe and culturally competent practice. 

Among the internship programmes available in Aotearoa New Zealand, the PGDipPsychPrac is distinctive in that it is not bounded by either locality or, type of practice within the Psychologist Scope. Rather, the PGDipPsychPrac seeks to broaden the opportunities for the practice of psychology in New Zealand society by offering a programme using Massey University’s established expertise in distance education, with an integrated, outcomes-based curriculum.

More information is provided and tailored to the reader.

2024 intake

Our next intake is for 2024, with applications opening in September 2023.

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