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Doctoral research student

Training and support

There are a broad range of opportunities available to candidates working towards the completion of their thesis, and looking towards  their own career development while here at Massey University 

If you are interested in viewing and/or registering for any upcoming workshops, please visit the Doctoral Stream site. Sign in using your student id/password and go to either the events calendar or catalogue.  

Should you have any trouble signing in or have further queries, please contact Julia Rayner J.Rayner@massey.ac.nz or Alexis Boniface A.Boniface@massey.ac.nz

     Resources for Doctoral Research Students

Massey University is committed to ensuring that support, training, and resources are available to help students develop a community of best practice and reach their fullest potential.

Please refer to the Helpful resources and packages section for research resources and software packages available to Massey University students.

INFLUENCING & ASSERTIVENESS Influencing & Assertiveness.pptx (25,006 KB) Influencing&Assertive
INCREASING YOUR EMPLOYABILITY Enhancing your employability.pptx (25,727 KB)    Increasing Employability
DAAD INFO SESSION DAAD - Germany Funding.pdf (1,215 KB) DAAD
PhD COMPLETION & BEYOND GRS update, Sustaining motivation, Bringing the thesis together, Being strategic about getting published, Doctoral examination process, Panel discussion
PROJECT MANAGEMENT Proj Mgmt - getting started.pptx (3,069 KB) Project Management
CAREER OPTIONS IN OR OUT OF ACADEMIA Career Options in or out of Academia
HORIZON 2020 (EU FUNDING) Horizon 2020
TIME MANAGEMENT Time Management.pptx (4,736 KB) Time Management
PREPARING FOR ORAL EXAMINATION Preparing Oral Examination.pptx (3,099 KB) Oral Examination
BUSINESS CASE DEVELOPMENT Business Case Overview.pptx (2,637 KB) Business Case Development
PROJECT MANAGEMENT Project Management - Getting Started.pdf (476 KB) Project management 
GRANT WRITING - THE BASICS Grant Writing - The Basics.pdf (280 KB) Grant Writing - The Basics
INTRO TO KEY CONTESTABLE FUNDING IN NZ Intro to Key Contestable Funding.pdf (1,152 KB) Key Contestable Funding
PRESENTING YOUR RESEARCH Presenting your Research
CV & COVER LETTER DEVELOPMENT CV and Cover Letter Development.pptx (19,840 KB) CV & Cover Letter Development
SCHOLARSHIPS, FELLOWSHIPS AND POSTDOCS Scholarships, Fellowships and PostDocs
PhD INDUCTION  Role of GRS & DRC/Policies and Processes Governing your PhD, Confirmation Event, How to Develop a Literature Review, Research Data Management/Importance of Good RDM/Expectations at Massey, Library Services, Code of Responsible Research Conduct and Human Ethics, Panel of Supervisors and Doctoral Candidates, Support Services and Mental Health Awareness
HUMAN ETHICS  Human Ethics
SETTING UP AND MANAGING YOUR OWN WRITING GROUPS Setting up and managing your own writing group
WRITING UP RESULTS AND DISCUSSION FOR QUALITATIVE RESEARCH Writing up Results and Discussion for Qualitative Research - Oct 2018.pptx (3,060 KB) Qualitative Research
PRESENTING YOUR RESEARCH Presenting your Research.pptx (16,293 KB) Presenting your Research
CLARITY AND CONCISENESS Clarity & Conciseness Presentation.pptx (2,615 KB) Clarity and Conciseness
COHESION AND COHERENCE Cohesion and Coherence
PUTTING THE THESIS TOGETHER Putting the Thesis Together - Structure and Coherence.pdf (999 KB) Putting the Thesis Together
EDITING YOUR THESIS Editing Your Thesis.pdf (1,256 KB) Editing your Thesis
SETTING AND ACHIEVING YOUR WRITING GOALS Setting-and-Achieving-Your-PhD-Writing-Goals - 2020.pdf (815 KB) Setting and Achieving your Writing Goals
THESIS WITH PUBLICATION Thesis with Publication-Panel Session.pdf (1,148 KB) Guidelines for PhD Thesis with Publications (1).pdf (541 KB) Thesis with Publication
IMPROVING YOUR THESIS WRITING STYLE Improving your Thesis Writing Style.pptx (1,285 KB) Improving your Thesis Writing Style
LONG DOCS: LEARNING HOW TO NAVIGATE YOUR THESIS AS A LONG DOCUMENT Long docs: Learning how to navigate your thesis as a long document
WRITING UP RESULTS AND DISCUSSION FOR QUANTITATIVE RESEARCH Results & Discussion Chapters for Quantitative Research (2,226 KB) Quantitative Research
MASTERING 3 C's OF WRITING (CLARITY, CONCISENESS AND COHERENCE) Mastering the Three C's of Writing.pptx (1,309 KB)

     Contacts for Doctoral Research Students

The Graduate Research School is a unit of Research and Enterprise, and is located on the Manawatū Campus (Palmerston North).

If your enquiry is about:

Dean's List of Exceptional Theses

The Dean's List of Exceptional Theses includes theses which examiners deem to be of exceptional quality. Examiners consider the theses as original and unique contributions to research, and outstanding in terms of research and analytical content, quality of expression and accuracy of presentation.

Candidates whose theses are placed on the list have completed their thesis within the allocated time for doctoral study, without any extensions. Therefore, this is an outstanding honour and the candidates’ theses are considered amongst the best in their fields. 

Recipients of the Dean's List Exceptional Theses can be viewed here.

For more information on higher research degrees at Massey, please visit GRS/Higher Research Degrees webpage.

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