Scholars Massey

Scholars Massey is a community for peer networking and support for Massey University students who have been awarded scholarships.

Our mission

We believe Massey students have what it takes to dream big and become agents of change. Excellence comes in many forms – including academic, research, sports, artistic, leadership or community service excellence – we want our students to see themselves in this light. Our mission is to encourage and support current and future Massey students with their scholarly aspirations. We want to increase scholarship awareness, assist students in finding opportunities and celebrate student success.

This programme is unique to Aotearoa New Zealand. It is funded by the Massey University Foundation and provides opportunities for Massey University students who are planning to apply for or already have been awarded a scholarship.

Who we are

Scholars Massey is a programme run by students for students. Our community includes undergraduate and postgraduate scholars from all disciplines and walks of life. Peer support is one of the most powerful ways to engage with and inspire each other – that is why we designed this program for students to exchange ideas and share tips around scholarships and awards.

Peer scholars

Every year we select a group of 12 Peer Scholars to be the ambassadors and student leaders for the programme. Peer Scholars are undergraduate and postgraduate students from different Colleges, qualifications, campuses (including distance) and backgrounds, with a variety of experience.

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They are the driving force within the scholar community, leading activities and events, and facilitating ongoing scholar development. You can contact Peer Scholars to get individual advice and guidance around scholarships.

Email to get in touch with a Peer Scholar.

In addition to a Peer Scholar Award, Peer Scholars receive opportunities for learning and development about leadership, mentoring and their strengths.

Massey University Foundation Peer Scholar Award

What we do

Learning and development opportunities

As part of the Scholars Massey community, you can maximise your potential through personal, professional and academic development.

  • Get peer support, advice on academic goal setting, and challenges faced by high achieving students.
  • Find holistic learning opportunities, understanding health and wellbeing, and workshops on topics such as procrastination, imposter syndrome and self-sabotage.
  • Attend networking events and social activities to foster connections among like-minded people.
  • Learn how highly accomplished students make decisions about the future, draft essays, prepare applications, create CVs and get ready for interviews.

Support for future scholarships, grants and awards

This programme helps you plan for success in future scholarships, grants and awards through:

  • information and advice on the process of applying for national and international scholarships, awards and grants.
  • individual peer feedback on scholarship applications, personal statements, research statements, and interview preparation support.
  • scholarship information sessions for high value, prestigious scholarships, grants and awards, including application support for eligible students. For example, the Fulbright Awards, Rhodes, Sasakawa Fellows and similar awards.

Before reaching out to us

Search for scholarships that interest you or are applicable to your studies. You should have an idea where you want to go with your studies or what you want to research. If you come prepared, we can better point you in the right direction.

Find a scholarship

When making an application

  • Get in touch with the Scholars Massey team early for guidance with your scholarship application before the deadline.
  • Apply your strengths when completing your scholarship applications.
  • Contact us with any questions or issues with your scholarship application, as soon as it comes up.
  • Sign up for and attend workshops and social activities.
  • Proofread and edit your applications at least twice. Our goal is to help you understand and address the scholarship criteria and purpose effectively in your applications. We do not offer a proofreading service.

Contact us

Our team is here to support any current and future Massey students who are interested in applying for scholarships. Contact us via email to book an online or in-person meeting with a Peer Scholar.

Follow us on Socials (Instagram or Facebook) for up-to-date events, workshops and exciting new opportunities as they arise.

If you have any ideas around scholarship information, learning or development gaps that would be beneficial to you and other students, we’d love to hear those too.