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Get neutral advice from an independent mediator to help you resolve a dispute. Mediation is a university-wide service available to staff and students at Massey.

What is dispute resolution?

Dispute resolution processes such as mediation and facilitation help you to resolve a conflict. The process is focused on collaboration to improve your ongoing relationship with the person (or people) you're in conflict with, and the aim of the process is to minimise disruption and stress.

The mediator or facilitator will not allocate blame, make decisions for you, or give legal advice. Instead, they are an impartial and acceptable third person who will help all of the people involved:

  • identify differences and relevant issues
  • generate options for settlement
  • consider alternatives to reach your own mutually acceptable solution.

The mediation service will respond quickly and confidentially when asked to act.

What happens during the process?

The mediator will work with you and the other person (or people) to establish the process and a timeframe.

Both you and the other person (or people) can agree on the process you want to use. However, if you cannot reach an agreement, the following process will be followed.


The mediator will meet with each of you privately to hear about the differences and to explore the issues.


If you and the other person (or people) agree, the mediator will hold a joint meeting in a neutral venue.

You are welcome to seek outside advice and you may also, by agreement, request a support person attend the meeting with you.


In some cases, one joint meeting may be all that is needed.

On other occasions, several meetings and more than one private discussion may be necessary. There may also be additional follow-up after the joint meeting.

If this is the case, the mediator will arrange further meetings with you.


If it's not possible to come to a resolution, and there can be no productive outcomes for you, then you will need to explore other options.

Contact the mediation service

Contact Julia Pedley, or any of our trained and accredited mediators directly. If everyone involved in the dispute agrees to mediation, then a mediator or facilitator will be appointed – the mediator must be acceptable to all of you.

Julia Pedley

Director University Mediation Service and University Disputes Advisor

Email: or

Phone: +64 6 951 6272

Auckland-based mediators

Isabel Aldiss

Dispute Resolution Practitioner

Phone: 021 731 309


Dr Gaye Greenwood

Greenwood Mediators

Phone: 027 492 0592


Manawatū-based mediators

Virginia Goldblatt


Phone: 027 479 4369


Simon Cayzer


Phone: 027 548 1701


Trevor Weir


Phone: 027 359 8697


Megan Gordon


Phone: 021 161 5946


Wellington-based mediators

Denise Evans

Aspire Dispute Resolution

Phone: 027 485 9684


Adam Lewis

Barrister and Mediator

Phone: 027 481 1514


Staff or students may also approach the University Mediation Service directly to discuss a situation and ask for advice on process. If the matter proceeds to mediation or facilitation, you may request a different mediator.

Mediation service