Hardship and emergency support , He tautoko ina taumaha te noho, ina pā he ohotata

If you need emergency support to pay for unexpected medical bills or to meet temporary and unforeseen costs you may apply for an Emergency Financial Support Grant.

Sometimes, no matter how well you budget, emergencies arise that affect your wellbeing while you study. If you’re struggling to pay for unexpected medical bills, pay your study fees, or to meet basic living costs such as rent, food or power, we may be able to help.

Request a fees payment plan

If you’re finding it difficult managing payment of your student tuition costs, domestic students can request a fees payment plan through your student portal.

Apply for emergency financial support

Running out of money? You may qualify to apply for Massey’s hardship fund through an Emergency Financial Support Grant.

You will need to show a genuine hardship that is affecting your ability to continue your study at Massey. It’s designed for when other support agencies can’t assist you and there is nowhere else to turn.

You may be eligible to apply for a one off grant up to $500.

Find out the criteria and how to apply for an Emergency Financial Support Grant.

Get a food grant if you’re going hungry

You can apply for a food grant for essential items during times of financial hardship through your students association advocacy coordinator. The food grant is assessed on individual circumstances and can’t be used for alcohol or cigarettes.

Our chaplaincy service may be able to put you in touch with their connections at local food banks, and find charities and community organisations that could also help you.

Ongoing budgeting and financial help

We know it can be challenging to manage your money, studies and having a social life. If you do need help with budgeting and managing your finances, we offer plenty of support and guidance through our online tools.

Read more about financial and budgeting help.

Contact student advocacy

If you think you might be eligible for a grant, get in touch with your students association advocacy coordinator to discuss your options.

Find a student association advocate

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Emergency Financial Support Grant

We know sometimes life can be tough financially while you study. If you are currently studying at Massey and facing financial difficulties, you may apply for an Emergency Financial Support Grant.