Student rights advocacy , Te kōkiri nawe tauira

Independent advocates in your student associations can help you make sure your rights as a student are respected, and also support you when you need financial assistance.

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Student advocacy services

The professional advocacy service provided through your student associations is free and confidential. Advocates are 100% independent of the University.

Your student advocate can advise and support you when challenges come up that affect your studies and student life, including:

  • financial hardship
  • academic concerns and complaints
  • landlord, tenancy or employment issues.

Advocates can also help you understand your rights, responsibilities and options as a Massey student. They can be your support person when you need someone on your side, and refer you to other appropriate services.

Financial hardship

When financial emergencies arise, student advocates can help you get any financial assistance available to you.

Academic concerns or complaints

When you accept an offer of place at Massey you agree to Tā te Tauira Kirimana, the Student Contract, including a code of conduct.

If you feel this contract has been broken by a lecturer, staff member or someone in your class, your advocate in the student association can support you to work through your concern or make an official complaint.

Your advocate can:

  • be the first person you talk with if you feel you have been academically disadvantaged or treated unfairly in your academic work
  • listen if you have been unfairly assessed or treated, discriminated against, harassed or made to feel unsafe and want to talk to somebody
  • offer suggestions if you're not sure what to do next
  • be your support person
  • review any communications before you send them or send messages on your behalf to protect your anonymity.

Landlord, tenancy or employment issues

It can be hard to know your legal rights and options when things go wrong with your flatting or accommodation situation, or your job. Your advocate can help you navigate these challenges.

Find an advocate if you're studying on campus

Advocates are based in the student associations. They can support you in person or through phone or videoconference, including attending meetings or hearings with you.

Distance students' advocates

If you are studying at a distance, either in or outside New Zealand, a specialist distance advocate can support you. They will work with you in a way that suits you such as phone, email, social media, or videoconference, and are based in the Massey University Students' Association (MUSA) on the Manawatū campus.

Class representatives

As a Massey student, you also have a class representative for all of your classes. These students work on your behalf to advocate for positive changes in your courses. They work closely with the advocates to make them aware of issues in classes, courses and colleges as they come up.

Auckland students find your class representative through ASA Albany Students' Association

Distance and Manawatū students find your class representative through MUSA Massey University Students' Association in Palmerston North

Wellington students find your class representative through MAWSA Massey Wellington Students' Association



Penny Lyall

Advocate, ASA – Albany Students Association


Kerry Howe

Advocate, MUSA – Massey University Students Association

Distance and Wellington

Julian Tanaka

Advocate, MAWSA – Massey at Wellington Students' Association

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Making a complaint

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