Sexual harm help & support , Te kaupare i ngā pānga pāwhera

Sexual harm is not okay. If you are feeling unsafe at Massey, or have experienced or seen behaviour that concerns you, you can report it and get support.

Understanding sexual harm & consent

Sexual harm can be physical, verbal, visual or digital, such as emails or text messages. Consent for sexual activity must be freely and actively given.

When you have experienced sexual harm

Safety and support are the most important concerns when a sexual assault has happened.

Reporting sexual harm

You can make a disclosure or a formal complaint about an experience of sexual harm, as part of Massey's reporting process. You can also report the behaviour to the police.

Support services for survivors

If you have experienced sexual harm, you can access free confidential support services at Massey and externally.

Support for students accused of sexual harm

If you have been accused of doing sexual harm, you can access free, confidential advice on what to do.

Sexual harm education resources

Information relating to sexual harm, including videos and webinars is available on MyHub (login required).