Without Specialisation – Master of Business Administration

The Massey University Master of Business Administration (MBA) gives you the flexibility to design your studies to perfectly fit your interests.

Where you can study

Auckland campus
Distance and online

International students

International students are not New Zealand citizens or residents.

Definition of New Zealand citizens and residents

Open to international students on campus in New Zealand
Note: Selected entry qualification

Specialise in Without Specialisation for your Master of Business Administration at Massey

Two study modes available for you

You can gain an MBA by studying either full-time for one year in Auckland, or you study part-time by distance (online) over a longer period of up to 5 years (most students will complete in about 2 years), giving you the flexibility to conveniently plan your study around your personal and professional needs. 

Completing your MBA within 1 year allows you to develop your career quickly, by using your fresh learnings and MBA experiences to position yourself for new and exciting opportunities.

Planning information

If you study full-time, you’ll take 180 credits over a period of 12 months or 60 credits in each of semester one and two and 60 credits in summer school.

This is a parts-based qualification. For progression to Part Two you must have achieved a B- grade average across the courses completed in Part One.

Official regulations

To understand what you need to study and must complete to graduate read the official rules and regulations for this qualification.

You should read these together with all other relevant Statutes and Regulations of the University including the General Regulations for Postgraduate Degrees, Postgraduate Diplomas, and Postgraduate Certificates.

Returning students

For returning students, there may be changes to the majors and minors available and the courses you need to take. Go to the section called ‘Transitional Provisions’ in the Regulations to find out more.

In some cases the qualification or specialisation you enrolled in may be no longer be taking new enrolments, so may not appear on these web pages. To find information on the regulations for these qualifications go to the Massey University Calendar.

Please contact us through the Get advice button on this page if you have any questions.

Courses you can enrol in

Course planning key

Courses that need to be completed before moving onto a course at the next level. For example, a lot of 200-level courses have 100-level prerequisite courses.
Courses that must be completed at the same time as another course are known as corequisite courses.
Some courses are restricted against each other because their content is similar. This means you can only choose one of the offered courses to study and credit to your qualification.

Part One

Core Courses

Choose 90 credits from
Course code: 115764 Leadership and Teamwork 15 credits

Applied and experiential study of leading and working in teams, and the interpersonal communication skills required to be successful.

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Course code: 115765 Managing People and Organisations 15 credits

Applied study of the behaviour and management of people and organisations in the contemporary business environment.

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Course code: 115766 Managing Financial Resources 15 credits

The study of corporate finance and accounting functions in business, including the analysis, sourcing, and use of funds in the pursuit of organisational goals.

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Course code: 115768 Marketing Analysis and Strategy 15 credits

A study of marketing strategies, practices and analytical methods, including a range of marketing tools, techniques and research methods.

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Course code: 115769 Business Economics 15 credits

Study of core micro- and macro-economic principles and how these can be used in a business environment to enable effective decision making.

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Course code: 115774 Operations and Supply Chain Management 15 credits

This course examines operations management functions and methods in pursuit of sustainable organisational effectiveness.

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Elective courses

Choose 30 credits from
Course code: 115784 Balancing Innovation and Risk Management 15 credits

An applied and experiential study of the principles and practices that enable leaders to achieve the balance of innovation and risk management that enables resilient, sustainable businesses.

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Course code: 115791 Digital Transformation 15 credits

Applied study of the use of digital technology to solve business problems and exploit new business opportunities.

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Course code: 115792 Business Sustainability 15 credits

This course examines business practices that make organisations sustainable and resilient, with a particular focus on how to balance continuous innovation with good governance and risk management.

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Course code: 115793 Global Business 15 credits

A study of global trade practices and marketing strategies, including a range of trading tools, systems and techniques and their application to international marketing situations.

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Course code: 115796 Designing Globally Competitive Products and Services 15 credits

An applied and experiential study of innovative products and service design to achieve differential advantages for trading in global markets.

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Course code: 115799 Digital Design and Disruption 15 credits

Applied and experiential study of how digital technologies have disrupted various industries and how businesses can design digitally based innovations to achieve competitive advantage.

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Part Two

30 credits from

Course code: 115810 Strategic Business in the Global Market 30 credits

This course includes guided field visits to international businesses. Students integrate and apply knowledge from diverse business functions to enhance their understanding of business models and value creation in global business.

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Course code: 115811 Strategic Complexities in International Business 30 credits

This course includes a self-initiated study of international businesses. Students integrate and apply knowledge from diverse business functions to enhance their understanding of business models and value creation in global business.

Restrictions: 115810

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30 credits from

Course code: 115812 Action Learning Project 30 credits

Supervised team-based project focused on deliverable improvement of practices in an existing business or development of a new business opportunity, drawing on knowledge from multiple business disciplines.

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Entry requirements

Admission to Massey

All students must meet university entrance requirements to be admitted to the University.

Specific requirements

This is a selected entry qualification. This means there are a number of extra requirements you must meet. 

To enter the Master of Business Administration you will:

  • have been awarded or qualified for a relevant bachelor’s degree, having achieved at least a B- grade average in the highest level courses, or equivalent
  • have completed at least three years of relevant postgraduate practical work experience
  • have been selected into the qualification on the basis of selection process which may include a written application, references and practical exercises.

Application closing date

There are three intakes each year.


  • Third intake: Applications for the third intake close on 16 October 2023 for domestic students and on 25 September 2023 for international students.


  • First intake: Applications for the first intake close on 19 February 2024 for domestic students and on 22 January 2024 for international students
  • Second intake: Applications for the second intake close on 17 June 2024 for domestic students and on 20 May 2024 for international students
  • Third intake: Applications for the third intake close on 14 October 2024 for domestic students and on 16 September 2024 for international students.

Documents you need to provide

You need to supply with your application the following documentation:

  • copies of official transcripts of all previous university and/or professional qualifications
  • a full CV showing at least seven years work experience including at least three years of management level experience
  • an application statement covering supplied questions (video, audio or in writing)
  • a passport-sized photo for identification purposes.


You will be required to attend a selection interview (applicants who successfully make it through to the interview stage of selection will be contacted directly with information about their individual interview details).

Work experience

The work experience requirement ensures that you are able to contribute significantly to group discussions and debates from a position of experience and knowledge. Consequently, if you do not have such experience you are unlikely to be considered for entry.

English language requirements

To study this qualification you must meet Massey University's English language standards.

Fees and scholarships

Fees, student loans and free fees scheme

Your tuition fees may be different depending on the courses you choose. Your exact fees will show once you have chosen your courses.

There will also be some compulsory non-tuition fees and for some courses, there may also be charges for things such as study resources, software, trips and contact workshops.

Already know which courses you're going to choose?

You can view fees for the courses that make up your qualification on the course details pages.

Student loans (StudyLink) and Fees Free scheme

You may be eligible for a student loan to help towards paying your fees.

The New Zealand Government offers fees-free tertiary study for eligible domestic students. Find out more about the scheme and your eligibility on the Fees Free website. To use the site's eligibility checking tool, you will need your National Student Number.

Current and returning Massey students can find their National Student Number in the student portal.

Master of Business Administration tuition fees

The domestic tuition fee for the Master of Business Administration for 2022 is NZ$3570 per 15-credit course; approximately $44,000 for the qualification.

The onshore full-time international tuition fee for 2022 is NZ$4380 per 15-credit course; approximately NZ$53,000 for the qualification.

The offshore online international tuition fee for 2022 is NZ$3807 per 15-credit course; approximately NZ$47,000 for the qualification (depending on local taxes).

Note that the total fees for the qualification are indicatively only, as course fees can increase each year.

Fees disclaimer

This information is for estimation purposes only. Actual fees payable will be finalised on confirmation of enrolment. Unless otherwise stated, all fees shown are quoted in New Zealand dollars and include Goods and Services Tax, if any. Before relying on any information on these pages you should also read the University's Disclaimer Notice.

International students

New Zealand is a great place to study. Massey University’s reputation is supported by our international rankings, accreditations and associations. We are rated 5-star plus by the QS World University Rankings.

Massey University has small class sizes, and our lecturers and staff are friendly and approachable.

As an international student, there are entry requirements that will apply to you. We recommend that you apply at least three months before your anticipated start date so your application can be processed in time. There are additional steps you will need to take. These include obtaining a visa and travel bookings if your study is to be in New Zealand.

Accreditations and rankings

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