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Contribute to people's lives and tackle major challenges of our times by studying Social Sciences, Humanities and the Arts for People and the Economy (SHAPE).

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Postgraduate study

At Massey we offer more than 130 postgraduate qualifications. Get ahead in your field, increase your career prospects or expand your knowledge with postgraduate study.

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Thesis topics and supervision

As a PhD or professional doctoral student, you’re an important member of our research community.

For your doctoral degree, choose something you’re passionate about as the focus for your thesis and find a supervisor whose research and skills match your area of interest.

You will need to find a supervisor before you apply for a doctoral degree.

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Short courses and professional development

Our college offers the following two short courses.

Get Published! Preparing Your Research for Publication

This course prepares you to publish your research in an academic journal or other scholarly publication.

Developing Mathematical Inquiry Communities

This course covers the research, theory and evidence-based practices of raising student achievement through mathematical inquiry.

Scholarships and Awards

Scholarships and financial support

Massey offers students a range of awards, grants and scholarships to:

  • help with fees and living expenses
  • support academic and research excellence.

Scholarships and awards

R. G. Frean Prize in English

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