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The Credits System

Every course has a credit value that indicates its contribution to the qualification enrolled for (or to any other qualification to which that course can contribute). These values have been derived on the basis of an equivalent full-time year for a degree being 120 credits.

The credit value also gives an indication of the total amount of time that a student might reasonably expect to have to spend on each course in order to satisfactorily complete the assessment requirements (including lecturer and tutor contact hours, workshops and tutorials, tests and assignments, supervised practical placements, study time). Converted into a number of hours per week, this is referred to as the effective weekly hours for the course.

The total hours required for the course can be calculated at 10 hours per credit, or 150 effective hours for a 15-credit course. The weekly hours for a course will depend on the number of weeks over which it is intended to spread the study programme during the year. For example, over 15 weeks (the number per semester) an average total commitment of 10 effective hours per week is required for a 15-credit course. The Course Guide provided for each course should indicate the effective weekly hours and how these might typically be spent.

All undergraduate and taught postgraduate courses (with the exception of a small number of courses) have a 15-credit value or multiples thereof.