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Addressing the health of children and young people

Child advocacy that ensures children’s voices are heard is central. Children and young people with long term conditions such as asthma and obesity participate in primary health care research. We are Building Children’s Nursing in the Western Pacific, an initiative to address the global Sustainable Development Goals.


A model of implementation in primary health care

Health systems globally are challenged with implementing models of primary health care for older adults with long-term health conditions. We are developing a conceptual framework to capture the attributes of successful implementation drawing on a series of multi-level case studies in New Zealand and Ontario and Québec in Canada, prioritising the experiences of patients and carers.


Complex illness and acute care

Increases in healthcare demands and complex illnesses are placing increased pressure on hospital and intensive care beds. We are exploring innovative ways to better meet these patients’ healthcare demands.


Future nursing workforce - advanced clinical roles

Advanced clinical roles in nursing are critical to future health workforce sustainability. We have tested an international tool that delineates advanced practice from the level of clinical expertise expected of all nurses.



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