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Dr Andrea Donaldson BNurs, BSc, MSc, PhD

Senior Lecturer - Mental Health

Doctoral Co-Supervisor
School of Nursing


Contact details

  • Ph: 063569099
    Location: 826, Social Science Tower
    Campus: Manawatu


  • Bachelor of Nursing - Waikato polytechnic (2000)
  • Bachelor of Science - University of Otago (2008)
  • Master of Science - University of Otago (2010)
  • Doctor of Philosophy - University of Otago (2013)

Certifications and Registrations

  • Licence, Co-Supervisor, Massey University

Research Expertise

Research Interests

Graduate Entry Nursing Education 

Forensic Science Nursing

Forensic Mental health

Mental health Nursing

Non-fatal Strangulation


Health and Well-being

Area of Expertise

Field of research codes
Biochemistry and Cell Biology (060100): Biological Sciences (060000):
Medical And Health Sciences (110000): Mental Health Nursing (111005): Nursing (111000)

Research Projects

Summary of Research Projects

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Project Leader 1 2

Research Outputs


Winnington, R., Shannon, K., Turner, R., Jarden, R., McClunie-Trust, P., Jones, V., . . . Macdiarmid, R. (2023). Learning experiences of first year graduate entry nursing students in New Zealand and Australia: a qualitative case study. BMC Nursing. 22(1)
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Donaldson, AE., Hurren, E., Harvey, C., Baldwin, A., & Solomon, B. (2023). Front-line health professionals' recognition and responses to nonfatal strangulation events: An integrative review. Journal of Advanced Nursing. 79(4), 1290-1302
[Journal article]Authored by: Donaldson, A., Harvey, C.
Wilson, RL., Higgins, O., Atem, J., Donaldson, AE., Gildberg, FA., Hooper, M., . . . Welsh, B. (2023). Artificial intelligence: An eye cast towards the mental health nursing horizon. International Journal of Mental Health Nursing. 32(3), 938-944
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Mcclunie-Trust, P., Jones, V., Winnington, R., Shannon, K., Donaldson, AE., Macdiarmid, R., . . . Andersen, P. (2022). Doing Case Study Research Collaboratively: The Benefits for Researchers. International Journal of Qualitative Methods. 21
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Donaldson, AE. (2022). Forensic professional's thoughts on New Zealand emergency nurse's forensic science knowledge and practice. International Emergency Nursing. 62
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Jarden, RJ., Jones, V., McClunie-Trust, P., Winnington, R., Merrick, E., Shannon, K., . . . Macdiarmid, R. (2021). Exploring the experiences and perceptions of students in a graduate entry nursing programme: A qualitative meta-synthesis. Nurse Education Today. 107
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Ferris-Day, P., Hoare, K., Wilson, RL., Minton, C., & Donaldson, A. (2021). An integrated review of the barriers and facilitators for accessing and engaging with mental health in a rural setting. International Journal of Mental Health Nursing. 30(6), 1525-1538
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[Journal article]Authored by: Donaldson, A.
Macdiarmid, R., Turner, R., Winnington, R., McClunie-Trust, P., Donaldson, A., Shannon, K., . . . Jarden, R. (2021). What motivates people to commence a graduate entry nursing programme: a mixed method scoping review. BMC Nursing. 20(1)
[Journal article]Authored by: Donaldson, A.Contributed to by: Donaldson, A.
Donaldson, AE. (2020). New Zealand emergency nurses knowledge about forensic science and its application to practice. International Emergency Nursing. 53
[Journal article]Authored by: Donaldson, A.
Donaldson, A. (2019). Forensic Clinical Nurses in Emergency Departments: An emerging need for New Zealand. Kai Tiaki: Nursing New Zealand. 10(1), 54-58 Retrieved from https://kaitiaki.org.nz/past-issues/
[Journal article]Authored by: Donaldson, A.
Donaldson, AE., & Lamont, IL. (2015). Metabolomics of post-mortem blood: identifying potential markers of post-mortem interval. Metabolomics. 11(1), 237-245
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[Journal article]Authored by: Donaldson, A.
Donaldson, AE., Walker, NK., Lamont, IL., Cordiner, SJ., & Taylor, MC. (2011). Characterising the dynamics of expirated bloodstain pattern formation using high-speed digital video imaging. International Journal of Legal Medicine. 125(6), 757-762
[Journal article]Authored by: Donaldson, A.
Donaldson, AE., Taylor, MC., Cordiner, SJ., & Lamont, IL. (2010). Using oral microbial DNA analysis to identify expirated bloodspatter. International Journal of Legal Medicine. 124(6), 569-576
[Journal article]Authored by: Donaldson, A.


Donaldson, A., Solomon, B., & Wilson, RL. (2022). Mental health and substance use. In N. Proctor, HP. Hamer, D. McGarry, RL. Wilson, & T. Froggatt (Eds.) Mental heath : A person Centred Approach. : Cambridge University Press
[Chapter]Authored by: Donaldson, A.

Teaching and Supervision

Summary of Doctoral Supervision

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Co-supervisor 2 0

Current Doctoral Supervision

Co-supervisor of:

  • Jan Lewis - Doctor of Philosophy
    How do current New Zealand contructions of masculinity affect men's attitude and actions related to health and health seeking behaviours?
  • Philip Ferris-Day - Doctor of Philosophy
    Rural Men Accessing Mental health Services; A case study