Staff-student research projects

Get details of joint staff-student postgraduate research projects.

Master's students beginning a thesis are encouraged to join one of these projects, which provide research and professional pathway training opportunities. You'll be supported to make a practical contribution to scholarly and professional knowledge. Please contact staff associated with your project of interest.

2021 Joint Staff Postgraduate Student Research Projects.pdf (1,851 KB)

2021 Guidelines for the Preparation and Submission of Thesis.pdf (4,894 KB)

Progress Report - Section 1 FILLABLE FORM.pdf (134 KB)

IoE2 Nomination of Supervisor Thesis FORM.pdf (158 KB)

IoE 2 253.800 Research Proposal and Nomination of Supervision Form (Counselling) (182 KB)

2021 Counselling and Guidence Information Handbook FINAL electronic copy with cover.pdf (544 KB)

253800 Research Project in Counselling Handbook_2021.pdf (2,849 KB)