Our people

Massey telephone extensions listed below can be accessed by using the Auckland, Palmerston North or Wellington numbers:
Auckland - Telephone: +64 9 414 0800
Palmerston North - Telephone: +64 6 356 9099
Wellington - Telephone: +64 4 801 5799



Professor David Johnston
Professor of Disaster Management
Email: D.M.Johnston@massey.ac.nz
Ph: ext 63672


Denise Blake

Dr Denise Blake
Senior Lecturer - School of Psychology
Email: D.Blake@massey.ac.nz
Ph: ext 63412

Dr Julia Becker
Senior Lecturer - School of Psychology
Email: J.Becker@massey.ac.nz
Ph: ext 63604

Emily Campbell
Research Officer - Design and Communications
Email: E.Campbell@massey.ac.nz 
Ph: ext 63216


Dr Emma Hudson-Doyle
Senior Lecturer - School of Psychology
Email: E.E.Hudson-Doyle@massey.ac.nz
Ph: ext 63616


Lucy Kaiser
Research Officer - Indigenous Disaster Research
Email: L.H.Kaiser@massey.ac.nz
Ph: ext 63413


Associate Professor Christine Kenney
Associate Professor of Disaster Research - School of Psychology
Email: C.Kenney@massey.ac.nz
Ph: ext 63614

Emily Lambie
Research Officer
Email: E.Lambie@massey.ac.nz

Jennifer Lillo
Programme Assistant
Email: J.Lillo@massey.ac.nz
Ph: 63187

Jon Mitchell
RRANZ Coordinator - JCDR
Email: J.Mitchell1@massey.ac.nz
Ph: ext 63673

Maureen Mooney
Research Officer - JCDR
Email: M.F.Mooney@massey.ac.nz
Ph: 63671

Helen O'Connor
Research Officer - JCDR
Email: H.OConnor1@massey.ac.nz


Dr Raj Prasanna
Senior Lecturer - School of Psychology
Email: R.Prasanna@massey.ac.nz
Ph: ext 63618


Dr Jane Rovins
Senior Lecturer - School of Psychology
Email: J.E.Rovins@massey.ac.nz
Ph: ext 63612

Dr Marion Tan
Research Officer - JCDR
Email: M.L.Tan@masey.ac.nz
Ph: 63406

Lauren Vinnell
Email: L.Vinnell@massey.ac.nz

Operational staff


Heather Gunn
Secretary / Administrator
Email: H.M.Gunn@massey.ac.nz
Ph: ext 63613

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