Consultancy and research expertise to help your business grow

If you are in industry or government and want to access the business services, technology, research or education expertise at Massey University, make us your first point of call. We bring practice and theory together to give you solutions for the big issues in your business.

Services and opportunities for organisations

Consultancy and commissioning research

Whether you need research to identify the opportunities or issues in your business or industry, or help with planning or implementation of business strategy, Massey University has the expertise to help your business.

We can tap into expertise across the university - offering multidisciplinary commercial research and consultancy services.

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Facilitating and hosting events

We have expertise in facilitation of meetings and events, and we have a number of venues of varying sizes on our campuses. Talk to us for your next seminar, conference or networking event.

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Scholarships and prizes

At Massey we regularly recognise our top achieving students with academic prizes. We are also always looking for ways we can financially help our students complete their studies. If you are interested in giving a helping hand to our best and brightest and those that need help most - get in touch with us.

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Internships and work placements

If you would like a fresh, new approach to your business or help completing a short-term project that you may not have the time or flexibility to undertake yourself, hiring an intern is a great option.

Interns are capable of working at professional entry level and can produce valuable insights for your organisation.

    Aviation Management Internship

    The Massey Bachelor of Aviation Management degree’s industry internship enables students to combine their university studies with work experience in any area of the aviation industry.

    Students complete a 12 week internship with an aviation industry organisation. Completed projects include airport safety research, assistance to create a new cargo airline, analysis of crew scheduling and improvement of On Time Performance for a low cost international airline.

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    Business Internship

    The Business Internship is available to high-achieving undergraduate business students in their final year. Students will complete 180 hours in the workplace over two semesters (timing negotiated between the student and organisation). Past students have undertaken a wide range of projects including software systems implementation, marketing planning, social media initiatives and operational analyses.


    Communication Internship

    The Communication Internship is available to high-achieving Bachelor of Communication students in their third year. The internship gives our students great real-world experience. Internships consist of 100-120 hours working on projects or a collection of communication-related activities that will support the work of the host organisation.

    For more information email Claudia Silva

    Master of Analytics - work placement

    The Master of Analytics aims to give students experience solving real-world business problems. As part of their study, students complete a four month work placement (Nov – Feb). This allows businesses the opportunity to hire a postgraduate student trained in the rigorous analysis of big data, to help with either completing a specific analytics project, or extending the organisation's analytics capability.

    Contact Esther Jaspers

    Master of Business Administration - Research Project

    As part of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) qualification students are required to produce an applied business research report. Often MBA students conduct research at their own employer, however they can look for another organisation or a different sector within which to do this work. If you have an area that would benefit from an experienced executive perspective, get in contact with us.

    Contact Patricia Bossons

    Master of Management - Professional Practice

    The Master of Management has a professional practice course as a capstone course in students' final semester. Students undertake an investigation broadly within the area of their programme major, which is completed via either an internship/practicum, applied case study or enterprise planning practice. The students prepare a professional consulting style report, and present their findings at the end of the course.

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    Retail and Business Management Internship

    Completing an internship is compulsory for Bachelor of Retail and Business Management students. They are also available to selected students interested in retail and the broader service sector. As part of the internships, students are expected to critically reflect on their internship experiences and their host organisation’s product offerings and the markets they serve, as well as producing operational and strategic analyses in the form of consultancy reports.

    Contact Hayley Noom

    Sport management practicums

    Massey University’s Bachelor of Sport Management students complete two practicums: a 30-hour Sport Management Mini-Practicum (second year) and a 180-hour capstone Sport Management Practicum (third year). This helps students gain hands-on experience and develop the specialised sport management knowledge and skills they need when they join the workforce.

    Massey sport management students can lead or partake in industry projects related to events, social media, marketing, sponsorship or general sport management. They can also take part in staff and planning meetings, budget discussions, sponsor liaisons, debriefs, etc.

    Contact Trish Bradbury

    MBS Advisory Board

    Advisory Board

    The Massey Business School engages with community, business, the professions and Government to ensure that its programmes and research meet current and future needs. The Massey Business School Advisory Board acts as an independent body, providing invaluable strategic advice to the Massey Business School in support of its mission.

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    What our partners say


    "MYOB has a great partnership with the Massey Business School to help their students succeed. They are always looking to work with industry to give their students opportunities to apply what they are learning in the lecture hall. We are also involved in a number of initiatives to help secondary school students with them such as Business Boot Camp and for New Zealand businesses with their Big Issues in Business Series. These are just two more examples of how Massey helps the wider community, and work with companies like MYOB to provide them."

    Shailan Patel, Education Manager NZ, MYOB


    "Massey University and Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) have partnered together for the past four years, engaging with high school and university students to promote becoming a Chartered Accountant. Massey’s focus on collaboration, and innovative perspective align with CA ANZ’s passion of developing the next generation of difference-makers."

    Natalie Faidley, Careers Engagement Manager, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand.

    Our partners

    The Massey Business School has a large number of business partners who already provide placements for interns, fund Dean’s Chairs, research grants, scholarships and prizes, and we have worked with many more in the past.

    Our partners

    Executive education and short courses

    Whether you are looking to learn about the latest trends in management and business, improve your career prospects by gaining new management and leadership skills, or join a new industry, Massey offers a number of professional qualifications as well as short courses and bespoke training.

    Executive education

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