Massey staff research a broad range of media and communication-related topics including gender in the media, journalism, political communication, digital media, climate change communication, food marketing and labelling, health communication and Māori communication.


Careers in media, communication and journalism

Studying media, communication or journalism-related areas opens up a wide variety of career opportunities. Find out about the types of positions you might work in after you graduate, including how to become a journalist.


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Opportunities for students

    Communication Internship

    The Communication Internship is available to high-achieving Bachelor of Communication students in their third year. The internship gives our students great real-world experience. Internships consist of 100-120 hours working on projects or a collection of communication-related activities that will support the work of the host organisation.

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    Creative media industry project

    Students studying Bachelor of Creative Media Production team up with an external industry stakeholder to complete a year-long Major Project in their 3rd year. Previous stakeholders include TVNZ, Te Papa National Museum, Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade, and the POW Group.

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    Creativity in the Community

    Creativity in the Community is an internship for Bachelor of Communication students. Students work with community partners on real-life problems such as homelessness, dementia and youth justice. Students extend their skills in leadership, planning, problem solving, higher-order thinking and workplace communication while helping their community.

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    Internship experiences


    Massey has a wide range of media and communication facilities for students across all three campuses. Please note that access to facilities is dependent on your study programme and location.


      World-class facilities including a dubbing theatre and studio equipped with the latest Avid hardware. Audio facilities include a network of live-rooms controlled by two of the world’s most sought-after desks; a 72ch Neve, and a 48ch SSL Duality analogue console. A selection of smaller audio and recording facilities includes audio booths for interviewing in studio or via phone line or for podcasting.

      Editing and visual effects

      Leading-edge digital production and post-production tools including high-end digital cameras with green screen and lighting gear, motion capture facilities and post-production.

      Video editing classroom/labs with iMacs with Adobe CC video editing applications. Some labs have video recording and live streaming.


      Filming studios including HD camera set up with teleprompter, green screens and controllable lighting rigs. Audio, video and lighting equipment necessary to conduct mobile, on-site filming.


      Industry-equivalent photographic/film lighting studio consisting of built-in coved backdrop, lighting grid, small camera dolly/crane and accessories required to shoot anything from a small product shot to a short film.


      Fully equipped theatre space. Black box performance space with staging, fully controllable lighting rig, and video recording or live streaming for performances and presentations.

      Virtual and augmented reality

      A specialised room where students can explore and prototype virtual spaces and experiences, or create virtual artworks or designs using virtual reality and augmented reality equipment.