International student support

Ready to graduate?

You just finished your degree at Massey University... so... what next?

There a few things you must remember to do:

Apply to Graduate

Once you have completed the requirements for your degree, you must apply to graduate. When you do this, the University will make sure that you have completed all requirements, and then they will issue your scroll. This is the final proof that you have graduated from Massey University.

You have 2 options to receive your scroll:

  1. You can come to the graduation ceremony and receive your scroll during the Graduation Ceremony (there's two ceremonies each year: May and November) OR
  2. You can request fro your scroll to be sent to you once it is ready. If you chose this option, you will not be allowed to take part at the Graduation Ceremonies.

For information on how to apply to Graduate, please click here.

Apply for Academic Records and a Certificate of Attainment

Academic records are not printed automatically. You must apply for them to sent to you.

Please be aware that your Academic records will show all the mark you got during all your study at Massey University. You are not able to chose what appears in them.

Certificate of Attainment: whether you apply to graduate during one of the ceremonies, or you chose to have your scroll sent to you, we strongly suggest you apply for a Certificate of Attainment. This is an official letter from Massey University, that states which degree you have completed. You can use this certificate of Attainment to look for jobs or as proof that you have completed your degree for Immigration purposes.

For more information and applications forms, please click here.

Your options for the future

Once you finish your degree at Massey University and you are eligible to graduate, there is a range of possibilities for you:

  • You can go back home straight away
  • You can stay for the summer, travel around, attend your graduation and then go back to your country
  • You can stay in New Zealand and work

Any option that you take, the International Student Support team is here to assist you.

If you decide to return home after completing your degree, use this information to prepare yourself:

It May not seem to you, but you have changed. Analysing how you have changed, in advance, will help you make the right decision about your next step.

We have put some information together to help you take this next step. Download our practical hand book specially developed for Returning International Students and read through it.

For further support, you can contact  the Counselling Services at Massey University. They will be more that happy to help you prepare for this next stage of your life.

If you need further information, contact International Student Support Office, they'll be able to help you.

If you decide to stay in New Zealand, travel around or work during summer and attend your graduation and then go back home:

The visa you are holding will, most likely, allow to work full time during the summer period. So you can legally work while on summer holiday

You must extend your Student Insurance to cover the full length of you student visa because your StudentSafe policy cover you for 31 days after the last day of exams. Please come to us for more information about this.

You will need to approach Immigration New Zealand to apply for a visitor visa to cover the period between the expiry date of your current student visa, and the graduation ceremony date. Please make sure you make arrangements for this with plenty of time to spare.

We do suggest you read the practical hand book in the previous section to help you prepare for your return home.

If you decide to stay in New Zealand and work:

Here's a few things you might to think about:


First of all, you must be legally allowed to work full time. Your current Student visa will, most likely, allow you to work full time only during the summer period. After this, you must apply for a Graduate Job Search Visa. For information regarding this, please click here.

Thinking about your career before you graduate can make a difference!

Massey University has a fantastic CareerHub to help you with you job hunt. From CV assessment to interview preparation, the Massey University CareerHub is the place to start preparing your future.