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Adult Learning and Literacy Research Group ALCR: Adult Literacy and Communication Research Group


How Best to Communicate About Immunisation?

How can health information on children’s immunisation be made easier to access, understand, and remember?

This pilot study is led by the Adult Literacy and Communication Research Group of the School of Communication, Journalism and Marketing, in association with the Immunisation Advisory Centre of the University of Auckland and the Whanganui Regional Primary Health Organisation.

Funded jointly by the New Zealand Ministry of Health and the Health Research Council, our research aims to develop and test new ways of communicating on the subject of immunisation with family decision-makers of differing health literacy levels.

Focus groups are generating ideas for health communication that people find accessible, engaging, and memorable. These materials are next being pilot-tested with a sample of 30 soon-to-be mothers who will be followed from pre-birth to post-birth, along with a control group of 30 soon-to-be mothers.

This longitudinal approach will allow us to assess how these materials on immunisation information influence people’s recall, comprehension, and uptake. We predict as benefits from this study, enhanced recall, comprehension, and improved immunisation rates.

This site will update as the study develops.

Read more about our development of immunisation communication tools here.
Developing Immunisation Communication Tools.pdf (515 KB)

Read our presentation to the Whanganui Hospital Midwives here.
Whanganui Hospital Midwives presentation 70410.pdf (432 KB)

Read the final full report and executive summary here.