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Research Posters

This page contains posters showing key findings from the Literacy and Employment research in four main areas: Barriers to Literacy, Literacy Needs, Pathways to Literacy, and Barriers to Employment. Each poster displays actual quotations from people of low functional literacy in English. All were taking part in adult literacy training courses and were volunteer participants in this research. Each quotation occurs within an illustration showing people featured against photographic backgrounds of Wanganui. The illustrator, Kerry Ann Lee, developed these depicted persons following the demographics of our interviewees: ages, gender, ethnicity, etc., though, for reasons of privacy, without knowing the specifics of the individuals originally making the comments.


To document interviewees' experiences in a vivid manner.
To seek ways to keep interviewees' words in a prominent place in the forefront of our research.
To find ways in which interviewees' own words might have an appropriate influence in debate about national literacy and employment policy.
Later to provide feedback to interviewees on what they and others had said in a supportive and accessible manner.

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