Aniek Hilkens

Doctor of Philosophy, (Agriculture & Environment)
Study Completed: 2019
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
The implicit nature of advice on the intimate topic of financial management: An exploration of how the financial management advisory system in the New Zealand dairy sector shapes financial management advice

Financial Management (FM) skills are essential for the management of a farm and agricultural advisors play an important part in supporting farmers in their farm management. Despite the recognized importance of the topic, limited research has looked at the role of advisory services in relation to FM. Ms Hilkens investigated how the FM advisory system shapes FM advisory provisioning in the dairy sector in Aotearoa. This research highlighted that the sensitivity of financial information influences whom farmers seek advice from and the nature of that advice. Authority in the farmer-advisor relationship was shown to shape farmer-advisor interactions. Mechanisms shaping coordination among agricultural advisors were also revealed. Lastly, this research provided empirical insights into discussions about the relationship between formal advisory agendas and the reality of agricultural advice.

Dr Janet Reid
Professor Laurens Klerkx
Dr David Gray