Hung Hoang

Doctor of Philosophy
Study Completed: 2018
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Farmers' responses to VietGAP: a case study of a policy mechanism for transforming the traditional agri-food system in Vietnam.

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The VietGAP programme is one of a suite of policies used by the Vietnamese Government to transform the country into a more market-led economy. It was implemented in 2009 to help foster the development of a modern agri-food system. However, it has had limited success with less than 5% of farmers adopting the programme. Mr. Hoang’ case study of the VietGAP programme for vegetables explores what shaped farmers’ responses to VietGAP. Analysis showed VietGAP was meaningfully understood as a policy mechanism used by the government to help it shift from a traditional to a modern agri-food system. Mr. Hoang found that the social, cultural, and institutional dimensions that define the dominant traditional agri-food system determined farmers’ responses to VietGAP. Mr. Hoang’s research provides valuable insights into farmers’ responses to a policy mechanism and provides a more systemic view of the determinants of GAP adoption by producers in developing countries that are in the early stages of a transition from a traditional to a modern agri-food system. 

Dr Janet Reid
Dr David Gray