Warrick Wood

Doctor of Philosophy, (Sport & Exercise Science)
Study Completed: 2020
College of Health


Thesis Title
Athlete Basic Psychological Needs and Coaches’ Contributions to their Satisfaction: A Case Study of a High-Performance Sports Team

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Sport coaches play a significant role in influencing a range of athlete experiences and outcomes. This case study of a high-performance sport team explored athletes’ perceptions of their coaches’ contributions to the satisfaction of their basic psychological needs of competence, relatedness and autonomy. The study pursued the participants’ perceptions of the importance of such needs being satisfied within a team environment, and their perceptions of the coaches’ contributions towards that end. Limited research had been conducted exploring such dimensions at such a level, particularly in New Zealand. The results highlighted various qualities, attitudes and behaviours through which the team coaches influenced the satisfaction of the athletes’ needs and underlined the significance of such needs with regard to both athlete performance and well-being.

Associate Professor Andrew Foskett
Associate Professor Jenny Poskitt