Md. Islam

Doctor of Philosophy, (Agricultural Extension and Rural Development)
Study Completed: 2008
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
The sustainability failure of donor-supported organizational reforms in agricultural extension: A Bangladesh case study.

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Mr Islam investigated why a donor-supported organisational reform or innovation in agricultural extension becomes unsustainable post-project. From a Bangladesh case study he found many reasons for sustainability failure: non-conformity of the reform to cultural and policy contexts; perverse incentives arising from weak/dysfunctional institutional conditions; the paucity of financial and human resources available to the extension agencies; failure of the reform to fulfil performance expectations during the project’s lifetime; the complexity of organisational structures and processes; confusion from parallel modes of project organisation and implementation; failure to develop recipient ownership of the reform; and an ineffective process of adaptive learning in the project cycle. Mr Islam described the mechanisms by which these factors and conditions made an extension innovation unsustainable. The explanatory framework provided in his thesis has important implications for improving the sustainability of donor-supported development initiatives, in particular, those relating to agricultural extension reform

Professor Peter Kemp
Dr David Gray
Dr Janet Reid
Dr Terry Kelly