Bijaya Bajracharya

Doctor of Philosophy, (Rural Development)
Study Completed: 2008
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Institutional factors that influence access of the poor to the forests benefits: Case studies of community and leasehold forestry regimes in Nepal.

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Mrs Bajracharya investigated the influence of institutional factors on the poor’s resource access in the context of the community and leasehold forestry regimes in Nepal. She employed a collective case study approach to investigate the mechanisms through which these factors influenced the poor’s resource access. The study demonstrated that informal institutional factors significantly influence the impact of formal institutions irrespective of the regime that was imposed on the Nepalese hill communities. Her results showed that a more inclusive regime is likely to lead to more effective outcomes for the livelihood of the poor compared to a more exclusive regime. Active participation in resource governance was found to be more determinant of resource access than a specified set of property rights granted by right of membership in a forest user group. The thesis has important implications for the Nepalese government and the Community-based Natural Resource Management discipline in general.

Dr Terry Kelly
Dr Anthony Willet
Dr David Gray
Dr Janet Reid
Dr Tanira Kingi