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Alison Lundy

Doctor of Philosophy, (Fine Art- Sculpture & Installation)
Study Completed: 2019
College of Creative Arts


Thesis Title
'this domestic sublime'

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The ‘sublime’, in art, traditionally presents the viewer with a sense of overwhelming power, and their mortality, that in the moment is beyond comprehension. Unlike beauty, it both attracts us and repels us. Ms Lundy’s research project, a sculptural installation and supporting exegesis, uses domestic materials to contribute to contemporary notions of the sublime in art. As creative practice it opens a poetic and speculative position on the power of 'this domestic sublime': the work, made from decaying domestic matter and objects set in resin, connects banal debris to a sense of death. The exegesis balances the concept of the sublime with the tactile and visual experience of materials, mortality and the domestic space.

Distinguished Professor Sally Morgan
Professor Vicki Karaminas