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David Jaud

Doctor of Philosophy, (Marketing)
Study Completed: 2018
Massey Business School


Thesis Title
What Makes a Good Label? The Effect of Wine Label Design on Product Evaluation and Purchasing Behaviour

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While companies spend billions annually on packaging and labelling, little is known about how and why specific elements of package design affect consumers’ responses. Using experimental and modelling approaches, Mr Jaud investigated what elements of wine labels affect product evaluation and purchasing behaviour. Specifically, he found that fantasy-themed labels and some complex elements could only be used in the presence of quality cues. In this specific condition, fantasy labels also stimulate imagination and positive affect. In addition, his findings showed that simple elements and detailed information help, but too many details on the label backfire. Finally, he examined to what extent elements of wine labels affect sales relative to other marketing mix elements, such as price. This research contributes to better understanding consumer processing of label elements. Mr Jaud’s findings have managerial implications for wine companies and retailers regarding the use of specific elements and themes for wine label design.

Professor Valentyna Melnyk
Dr Andrew Murphy