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Dr Adnan Balloch

Senior Lecturer in Finance/Financial Economics

School of Economics and Finance

Before joining Massey University in 2018, Adnan has been working as Program Leader and Lecturer in Accounting and Finance department of Aberystwyth University, Mauritius Campus. Adnan was awarded full PhD funding from Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the UK. He completed PhD in Accounting and Finance in 2015 and received the Best Thesis Award in Durham University Business School Summer Congregation 2015. After completing PhD, Adnan joined Financial Advisory and Consulting department of Deloitte as Consultant. His research interests are in the fields of household/personal/behavioral finance, behavioral economics and retail banking, with particular focus on financial literacy/capability/sophistication, decision making and well-being.

Research Expertise

Research Interests

Household finance, Personal finance, Behavioral finance, Behavioral economic, Financial literacy, capability and sophistication, Financial decision making and well-being


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Applied Economics (140200):
Banking, Finance and Investment (150200): Commerce, Management, Tourism And Services (150000):
Economics (140000):
Finance (150201):
Financial Economics (140207)

Research Outputs


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[Doctoral Thesis]Authored by: Balloch, A.


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[Technical Report]Contributed to by: Balloch, A.
Jaramillo, L.(2021). Teleworking ability and financial wellbeing of New Zealand’s labour force during Covid-19.
[Technical Report]Contributed to by: Balloch, A.
Balloch, A., & Wood, P. (2020). Gambling Harm Identification using Client Voices data.
[Commissioned Report]Authored by: Balloch, A.
Wood, P. (2019). Te manu ka rere: Financial capability of Māori entrepreneurs.
[Commissioned Report]Contributed to by: Balloch, A.
Wood, P. (2019). Financial Capabilities of MWDI Loan Clients.
[Commissioned Report]Contributed to by: Balloch, A.


Balloch, A., Philip, D., & Engels, C.(2020, October). When It Rains It Drains: Psychological Distress and Household Net Worth. . Retreived from https://www.fma.org/
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[Conference]Authored by: Balloch, A.

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