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Matthijs Siljee MDes

Senior Lecturer

School of Design

Matthijs Siljee has worked internationally in Spatial and Industrial Design thoughout Europe, US and since 1994 in New Zealand, mostly in partnership with Hanne van Beek. He graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 1992 at the faculty 'Man and Emvironment' under Marijke van der Wijst.

In the Europe projects have included corporate, public and private assignments in interiors, exhibitions, Museums, urban design and architecture. In the US Matthijs has worked with R Artschwager and has done stage design for Broadway and Las Vegas productions. Matthijs and Hanne came to New Zealand in 1994 to work on the Museum of New Zealand project and to continue design research and teaching. Matthijs has been lecturer since 1998, lecturing in core studio papers in 2 and 3 dimensional practice such as drawing, life drawing and art & design studio. Matthijs currently supervises BDes condidates, lectures in Design Business and Practice and Industrial Design History. Recent research projects include: Old School New School exhibition, Te Ara Hihiko Time Capsule and the Contained Memory Conference. Research in Design for the Developing World has resulted from an ocean passage by yacht through Melanesia in 2009.

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  • Master of Design - Academy of Industrial Design Eindhoven (1992)

Research Projects

Summary of Research Projects

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Research Outputs

Creative Work

Galloway, A., Mechen, J., Geary, D., Contag, J., Siljee, M., Hanrahan, C., . . . Haley, L. (2019) Incredibly Hot Sex with Hideous People #70. [Exhibition] Various New Zealand libraries. Various Australasian retailers.
[Artwork]Authored by: Contag, J., Galloway, A., Patrick, M., Siljee, M.
Siljee, MN., Caldwell, B., & Holmes, C. (2015). Exploratorium. Palmerston North
[Design]Authored by: Siljee, M.
Siljee, MN., Baptiste, K., Downes, T., & Armstrong, T. (2014). Positioning device for a bedwetting detector. Wellington[...]
[Design]Authored by: Siljee, M.
Siljee, MN.(2014). The Spear Thrower [video]. Puke Ariki Museum, New Plymouth
[Film or Video]Authored by: Siljee, M.
Siljee, M. (2013). The Mechanical Postcard. (Brass, steel, wood, pencil, sandpaper) UCL London, Ethnography Department
[Performance]Authored by: Siljee, M.
Siljee, M., Baird, K., Shelton, A., Thie, U., O'Sullivan, A., & Syme, B. (2012) 2062 Te Ara Hihiko Time Capsule. [Exhibition] Te Ara Hihiko Building, College of Creative Arts, Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand
[Artwork]Authored by: O'Sullivan, A., Siljee, M.
Siljee, MN. (2011). Old School New School. Great Hall, Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand
[Design]Authored by: Siljee, M.
Siljee, MN. (2010) Casting Shadows of Forgotten Lead. [Exhibition] Included in "Surplus & Creativity: Design and the Readymade", Department of Conservation National Office, Wellington, New Zealand (15 - 26 November)
[Artwork]Authored by: Siljee, M.
Siljee, MN., & Van Beek, HG. (2010) Somewhat different: Contemporary design and the power of convention. [Exhibition] Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand
[Artwork]Authored by: Siljee, M.
Siljee, MN., & Van Beek, HG. (2008). Rubbish bin system for Christchurch City Council. Christchurch, New Zealand: Christchurch City Council
[Design]Authored by: Siljee, M.
Van Beek, HG., & Siljee, MN. (2007) Jewellery out of context. [Exhibition] Objectspace, Auckland, NZ
[Artwork]Authored by: Siljee, M.
Van Beek, HG., & Siljee, MN. (2006) Jewellery Out of Context. [Exhibition] The Muse, Ultimo, Sydney, NSW
[Artwork]Authored by: Siljee, M.


Siljee, MN. (2013, April). The Spear Thrower. Presented at Material Properties Tele Conference. Massey College of creative Arts, Wellington and UCL London.
[Conference Oral Presentation]Authored by: Siljee, M.
Siljee, MN. (2006). HU U. In M. Simpson (Ed.) Proceedings of The Object of Interaction: The Role of Artefacts in the Interaction Design: Workshop as part of the Australasian Computer Human Interaction Conference (OZCHI 2006). (pp. 30 - 31).
[Conference Paper in Published Proceedings]Authored by: Siljee, M.


Prichard, C., Siljee, MN., Samuelsson, L., & Peterson, S. (2015, June). Sheep Dairying as Food HQ Prototype. Presented at Palmerston North.
[Oral Presentation]Authored by: Siljee, M.Contributed to by: Siljee, M.
Siljee, MN. (2014, October). Art, Design and Eningeering - in the gutter.
[Oral Presentation]Authored by: Siljee, M.Edited by: Siljee, M.
Siljee, MN. (2011, September). Te Maanu Hou. Presented at Wellington. : School of Visual and Material Culture.
[Oral Presentation]Authored by: Siljee, M.
Van Beek, HG., & Siljee, MN. (2007, March). Hu U 2. In Presentation at the exhibition Jewellery Out of Context. Presented at Auckland, NZ.
[Oral Presentation]Authored by: Siljee, M.
Van Beek, HG., & Siljee, MN. (2006). Colon, dash, closing bracket. (pp. 26 - 26). First Edition Ltd [Jewellery Out of Context Exhibition Catalogue]
[Other]Authored by: Siljee, M.
Van Beek, HG., & Siljee, MN. (2006, January). Hu u?. In Jewellery Out of Context: Exhibition of New Zealand Artists (artist's talk). Presented at The Muse, Ultimo, Sydney, NSW.
[Oral Presentation]Authored by: Siljee, M.

Consultancy and Languages


  • 2002 - 2006 - Wellington City Council
    Research and development of modular system of urban public waste bins (Eye-Bins) for multi-agency client including Wellington City Council,ACC, Tyco-Armourguard, Twin Lakes Sheet metals, Stallion Plastics and AE Tilleys.
  • 1994-2007 - Museum of New Zealand
    Initially Design Consultancy in Exhibitions Design including Pasifika Exhibitions. Development of educational mechanical interactives, production supervision for Day One exhibitions in 1998. Later, on a casual basis various contracts for Mechanical Interactives and Spatial Design on Resource Centres.


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Teaching and Supervision

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