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Contact details +64 (09) 414 0800  ext. 43531

Dr Elizabeth Doell PhD

Senior Lecturer and Coordinator of Speech and Language Therapy Programme

Institute of Education



  • Doctor of Philosophy - University of Sydney (2005)

Research Expertise

Research Interests

Developing valid  authentic  tools and partnership practice models for language and learning interventions in the early years. Collaborative classroom based intervention in educational settings.  Identifying critical features of optimal language and learning evnrionments for children with speech, language and communication needs.   


Health and Well-being

Area of Expertise

Field of research codes
Education (130000): Special Education and Disability (130312): Specialist Studies in Education (130300): Teacher Education and Professional Development of Educators (130313)


Child language development and disorders. Language and learning.  Partnership approaches to language and learning intervention in the early years. 

Research Projects

Summary of Research Projects

Position Current Completed
Project Leader 0 3

Completed Projects

Project Title: Language intervention outcomes

The importance of intervening early for children with delayed or disordered language is well established but as yet there is limited information about effective interventions. 'It Takes Two to Talk (ITTT) is an early language parent programme used by speech-language therapists throughout New Zealand. The programme and evidence base was developed in North America and apart from anecdotal reports there has been no study of New Zealand adult and child experiences and outcomes. In the current study, data have been collected from a diverse sample of children and their parents/wh?nau participating in eight ITTT programmes across three New Zealand regions. Video analyses of parent child interactions identify changes in the ways adult conversational partners interact with their children and concomitant changes in the complexity of each child's language. Adults' use of strategies such as: focusing on their child's interests, waiting for responses, and language modelling are measured along with indicators of child language development (the number and variety of words, length of word combinations, and variety of language functions). A case study methodology has been used to explore the impact of adult participants' perspectives, experiences and cultural background and children's age and general developmental issues on the outcomes achieved.
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Date Range: 2013 - 2013

Funding Body: Massey University

Project Team:

Research Outputs


Garland, K., Doell, E., & Jackson, J. (2018). How Teachers Incorporate the Incredible Years Teacher Classroom Management Programme into Practice: An Interpretative Description. Kairaranga. 19(2), 25-36
[Journal article]Authored by: Doell, E.Contributed to by: Doell, E.
Doell, E., & Clendon, S. (2018). Upholding the human right of children in New Zealand experiencing communication difficulties to voice their needs and dreams. International Journal of Speech-Language Pathology. 20(1), 152-156
[Journal article]Authored by: Clendon, S., Doell, E.
Jackson, JH., & Doell, EH. (2017). Illuminating Parent–Educator Alliances That Enhance Home Reading Practices: A Review of an Intervention Process. Literacy Research and Instruction. 56(4), 322-341
[Journal article]Authored by: Doell, E.
O'Hare, M., & Doell, EH. (2015). What supports speech-language pathologists to implement treatments with fidelity?. Journal of Clinical Practice in Speech-Language Pathology. 17(3), 140-143 Retrieved from
[Journal article]Authored by: Doell, E.


Doell, E., & Clendon, SA. (2017). Coming to know the lived experiences of two young boys with speech, language, and communication needs. In J. Berman, & J. MacArthur (Eds.) Student perspectives on school: Informing inclusive practice. (pp. 129 - 146). : Brill Sense Publishing
[Chapter]Authored by: Clendon, S., Doell, E.


Jackson, JH. (2015). Collaborative support for reading development: Parent partnership in practice. (Doctoral Thesis, Massey University)
[Doctoral Thesis]Edited by: Doell, E.


Doell, E., & Clendon, S.A research informed toolkit for classroom-based language support: Teachers tell us what works.. . Adelaide
[Conference Paper]Authored by: Clendon, S., Doell, E.
Doell, EH.Sociocultural and communication outcomes from Hanen Parent Programmes in New Zealand. . Stockholm
[Conference Paper]Authored by: Doell, E.
Doell, E., & Clendon, SA.Beyond the impairment: An ecological assessment protocol for children with communication difficulties. . Melbourne, Australia
[Conference Paper]Authored by: Clendon, S., Doell, E.
Doell, E., & Clendon, SA.Opportunities and challenges for SLTs working in classroom contexts. . Christchurch, New Zealand
[Conference Paper]Authored by: Clendon, S., Doell, E.
Doell, EH., O'Hare, M., & Palmer, C.It Takes Two to Talk case studies: A snapshot of New Zealand children and famiiles/whanau outcomes and experiences.. . Te Papa Wellngton, New Zealand
[Conference Paper]Authored by: Doell, E.
Doell, E., & Clendon, SA.(2014). A partnership approach for classroom-based language support: Creating optimal language and learning environments. Paper presented at the meeting of Conference Programme. Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne
[Conference Paper]Authored by: Clendon, S., Doell, E.

Teaching and Supervision

Courses Coordinated

  • 271.253 Child Language Disorders I
  • 271.255 Assessment Methods for Speech and Language Disorders
  • 271.257 Child Language Disorders II
  • 271.258 Neurogenic Communication Disorders I
  • 271.393 Neurogenic Communication Disorders II
  • 271.394 Motor Speech Disorders
  • 271.486 Speech and Language Therapy Practice and Diverse Clinical Populations
  • 271.488 Aural Rehabilitation, Assessment and Intervention
  • 271.489 Voice Disorders, Assessment and Treatment
  • 271.786 Advances in SLT and Diverse Clinical Populations
  • 271.788 Advances in Aural Rehabilitation
  • 271.789 Advanced Voice Disorders, Assessment and Treatment

Summary of Doctoral Supervision

Position Current Completed
Co-supervisor 2 1

Current Doctoral Supervision

Co-supervisor of:

  • Joanne Van Wyk - Doctor of Philosophy
    The immediate and ongoing information needs of individuals diagnosed with FASD and the families and professionals who support them: Stakeholder perceptions and experiences of information seeking, finding and sharing.
  • Sam Brydon - Doctor of Philosophy
    Supporting parents to implement a core board with children who have complex communication needs: A multiple case study design

Completed Doctoral Supervision

Co-supervisor of:

  • 2015 - Jayne Jackson - Doctor of Education
    Collaborative Support for Reading Development: Parent Partnership in Practice

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