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Mal Green MA

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School of Communication, Journalism and Marketing

I've had the privilege of a varied and interesting work life over the past 45 years. I have been a high school teacher, journalist, youth worker, live and recorded performance producer and director, media production manager and writer, academic coach for secondary and tertiary students, director of a large local and national youth organisation, board member of community development organisations, event organiser, social justice advocate for immigrant communities and diverse sexual orientation and gender identity communities. All of these contribute to my goal of creating meaningful learning experiences for students in their studies of workplace communication. I have been part of a small intiative to promote a cross-cultural understanding of critical thinking in post-graduate programmes as a way of enhancing the experience of international students and teaching staff in these programmes. Currently I am a PhD candidate in communication with the School of Communication, Journalism, and Marketing. I am engaged in a cooperative inquiry and collaborative writing group at Massey University producing multi-disciplinary research papers on teaching and learning and social work. I enjoy creating interactive learning activities that engage students in discovering knowledge and working out how to apply it. My students have nominated me for Lecturer of the Year every year since I started at Massey. I love teaching and researching.

Since 2017, I have been teaching workplace communication at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. After 45 years experience in community youth work and media production, I have recently moved into academia to pursue my interest in intercultural communication. For the past 20 years, I have been involved in social justice advocacy for immigrant young people and LGBTIQ* communities and I am interested in exploring the field of social advocacy communication. I am a PhD candidate studying perceptions of cultural inclusivity in communication in organisations.

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Contact details

  • Ph: +6492127108
    Location: QB2.36, Quadrangle B
    Campus: Albany


  • Master of Arts with Second Class Honours - University of Auckland (1975)

Research Expertise

Research Interests

Multi-cultural classroom issues

Communicating knowledge through allegorical learning

Understanding learning and development processes

Reimagining intercultural communication competency

Personality and motivation in communication

Research Outputs


Croucher, SM., Kelly, S., Green, M., Homsey, DM., Cullinane, J., Rocker, KT., . . . Palakshappa, N. (2022). The Link Between Supervisor-Subordinate Computer-Mediated Immediate Behaviors and Organizational Identification in U.S., English, and Australian Organizations. Management Communication Quarterly. 36(4), 688-709
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Croucher, SM., Kelly, S., Hui, C., Rocker, KJ., Cullinane, J., Homsey, D., . . . Palakshappa, N. (2022). Articulated dissent and immediacy: a cross-national analysis of the effects of COVID-19 lockdowns. International Journal of Conflict Management. 33(2), 181-202
[Journal article]Authored by: Ashwell, D., Croucher, S., Cullinane, J., Green, M., Palakshappa, N., Wright, M.
Croucher, S., Kelly, S., Green, M., & Pearson, E. (2020). The Impact of Student Nationality, and Course Type on Perceptions of Teacher Credibility. Communication Research and Practice. 6(4), 342-356 Retrieved from
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Green, MD. (2017). Mentoring Youth Across Cultures Incorporating Different Worldviews: A Zones of Proximal Exploration Model. Journal of Ethnic and Cultural Diversity in Social Work. 26(4), 307-325
[Journal article]Authored by: Green, M.


Croucher, S., Kelly, S., Green, M., & Pearson, E.(2020). The impact of student nationality and course type on perceptions of teacher credibility. Paper presented at the meeting of Communication Research and Practice
[Conference Paper]Authored by: Croucher, S., Green, M.
Thomas, JA., Napan, K., Stent, W., Julich, S., Green, J., Green, M., . . . Patterson, L. (2019, November). Cooperative Inquiry for Reflection and Collaboration on Learning Effectiveness (CIRCLE) – a model for enhancing 'Ako' in performance-based academia. Presented at Talking Teaching 2019. Auckland, Unitec, Institute of technology.
[Conference Oral Presentation]Authored by: Green, J., Green, M., Julich, S., Napan, K., Stent, W., Thomas, J.
Green, M., Croucher, S., & Fountaine, S.(2019, July). Clarifying inclusions and exclusions in the construct of inclusivity: A multi-lens examination of existing understandings. .
[Conference]Authored by: Croucher, S., Fountaine, S., Green, M.
Green, M., & Oh, J.(2019, July). Eustress as a catalyst for creative process engagement: The role of informing communication and intrinsic motivation. .
[Conference]Authored by: Green, M.
Green, M., Julich, S., & Molineaux, J.(2019, July). The potential impact of terminology on stakeholders in sexual violence events: A situational map for terminology in restorative justice practice. . Retreived from
[Conference]Authored by: Green, M., Julich, S.
Green, M., Stangl, LM., Denz, F., & Cope, S.Cultivating critical thinking in multi-cultural marketing education. Paper presented at the meeting of ANZMAC 2017 Conference Proceedings. Melbourne, Australia
[Conference Paper]Authored by: Green, M., Stangl, L.
Green, MD. (2017). Intercultural, inter-generational, immigrant youth mentoring. Annual Symposium on Management and Social Sciences.
[Conference Paper in Published Proceedings]Authored by: Green, M.
Green, MD. (2017). Dynamic intercultural competence development spiral. Annual Symposium of Management and Social Sciences.
[Conference Paper in Published Proceedings]Authored by: Green, M.
Green, MD. (2017). Spiralinear Model of Psycho-Social Cognitive Growth. Annual Symposium on Management and Social Sciences.
[Conference Paper in Published Proceedings]Authored by: Green, M.

Consultancy and Languages


  • English
    Last used: Daily
    Spoken ability: Excellent
    Written ability: Excellent
  • French
    Last used: Sporadically over the past 40 years
    Spoken ability: Needs work
    Written ability: Needs work

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  • 115.758 Interpersonal Communication at Work

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